No excusesΒ 


I have no excuses what so ever! 

2016 has been the slowest year for me so far since I started costuming. 

I could give you plenty of excuses. 

– my dog getting sick in the beginning of the year threw me off. I reduced the number of cons I attended this year to just cons I am working at. And I didn’t dress up. 

– I got lazy. No motivation at all. Just could NOT find it. 

– didn’t want to spend money on costumes. So the options I had were costumes I already had the materials. 

– the little motivation I was able to find got lost pretty quickly every time I got stuck in some part of the costume. 

Alright! Alright! These are not excuses. I’m just whining. 


But I did have a lot on my plate this year and every time I was home and had some free time, all I wanted to do was relax and cuddle with my pup! 

And time just freaking FLEW by! And now the year is almost over. 

Thanks to Super Megafest, the only con I attended for fun, I was able to find enough motivation to finish Zarina. 

But first, of course, I got stuck! Lol 

So I sat down to work on the sword. 

I read somewhere that this girl made the sword completely out of worbla scraps. Of course there was no tutorial, but I was like… hey I have worbla. I can do it! 



It started pretty ok I thing! I designed the shape from scratch and there we go! 


Nope! Didn’t work! Scratch that! 

Try again! 


One more time! 


I got a good looking shape and then I just couldn’t get it smooth 😒

Then I talked to a friend who’s the foam armor master. Got some tips, and tried with just foam! That would be easier to get it smooth right? 

Right! But I wasn’t able to get it in a good shape! 


I gave up. 

I had ordered a plastic one from a kids costume accessory thingie. It was too small of course but that was better than nothing. 

I cut the Z and added to the “stick” I had made. 

I painted silver and voila. Completely disproportional, but better than nothing. 

Solution for the future? 

Commission a 3D print of it! 

After painting the skirt and having the pieces laying around my living room for. I this I finally sewed it together. 

That was the last piece that needed to be sewn. 

At this point I was running against time. 

The con was a week away and because I had been stuck with the sword, I still had quite a few details to make! 

The earring and bracelet were easy and quick but the earrings are missing 2 blue beads each. I just couldn’t find beads that were a good size but had a large hole to actually got through the earrings. Oh well. 

They will be mostly hidden under my hair anyways. 

Oh and that’s another reason why I’m not getting the ears. 

No one will see them anyways. 

I had decided to make the belt out of pieces of wood and use 3D puffy paint for the details. 

Well first attempt didn’t work. I made the mistake of covering the pieces of wood with gesso and sanded the crap out of it. 

But still didn’t get it smooth enough! 😦 

Then I did it again. No gesso. Just sanded the wood, covered with shlac and AWESOME! 

I painted first then added the details. The 3D paint dried to match the spray paint perfectly. πŸ™‚ yey so happy. 

I had to wait for the 3D paint to dry really well tho. It kept glueing to the pieces wherever they touched. 

And with almost everything done and out of the way I got the wings out ready to give it the last details. 

Omg can I tell you how much I wanted to cry????? 

The wings wouldn’t stay up! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Omg 😲 Just wanted to die. 

SMF was 3 days away and my wings weren’t working. 

I knew exactly where the problem was so I sat down to fix it and!!!!! 

Almost chopped my finger off. 


How to work on a costume when your finger won’t stop bleeding???? 

2 days to go! No finger and no wings. 


Then just because I wasn’t behind enough, why. It make something else? Sounds good to me! 

Blue pixie dust in a jar coming right up! 


If you don’t know the story, Zarina was a Dust Keeper fairy and she leaves Pixi Hollow after a dust mishap and becomes a pirate. She is the captain in Hooks ship actually, intends the make pixie dust to help the pirates do pirate things. She goes back to Pixie hollow and steals the blue dust (what they use to make pixie Dust. The whole movie is basically about the dust that she carries in a bag. How can I not have that????? 

Painting glass with midge podge. 

I couldn’t find the tiny little led lights so I got snowflakes for now. 


Eagle feathers

Wonder Woman v1 has been one of my favorite costumes ever to wear!
It was the second one I have ever made, and I honestly don’t even care if Wonder Woman has been done by everyone all the time. I am a firm believer that in costuming anyone should wear what makes them happy! You know? It’s your money! It’s your time! It’s your body! And as long as you are not hurting anyone just wear what makes you happy!
Making costumes is not an easy peasy hobby. It’s time consuming and above all it’s MONEY CONSUMING!
So it makes no sense to me to not make something you are passionate about! You have to!
That’s what makes it all worth it, you know?
So yes! You go to a convention and you see 100000937636277288 Wonder Women walking around! SO WHAT?
I will gladly be one of them!
(We all see 62737473829919172738393971718839717738849493827161616829394847373781827271717 slave leias everywhere and I don’t see anyone complaining!!!! Lol)
So… Yeeeyyyy for Wonder Woman!!!!
br />
When I made this costume I used red satin for the corset! It’s the perfect shade of red, but satin is not the nicest of the fabrics! But remember!!! This was just the second costume I ever made!! Satin seemed like a very good choice at the time!
But not this time around! πŸ˜‰
I chose a red tafetta this time! It still has some sheen to it, but not as much as satin!
I bought it online tho, without ordering a swatch so the shade is a bit darker than I expected but that’s ok!
What was more important to me with this remaking was to get the eagle as close to the original as possible!
I call it eagle that bird she has on her chest! πŸ˜‰
Most of the images I had before were like this

And I could see there were some details there but I didn’t pay much attention to it!
After the costume was done and ready I found a couple of pictures that were more detailed and I knew right away one day I would have to work on it and the time has come my friends!!!!!

Lynne from has done some amazing work! She and her husband Chuck are amazing! They make incredible screen accurate Batman and Robin (1966) costumes, as well as Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman! Among other things of course! They had access to the original patterns and also got details on how the originals were made from the costume designers on the shows! How cool is that?
So Lynne had some really nice pictures of HER work and I am using that as a base for my new one!

Lynne’s beading work is impressive and beautiful and I am sure I won’t get mine to look half as good as hers, but I am trying!
Of course right off the bat I couldn’t find the exact beads I see on hers but I am making it work with what I found!
Now it’s the tedious work of sewing these beads :/
I hate hand sewing and every time I sit down to do this I question myself WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?
the answer is always the same! Cause I am CRAZY!
Here is one of my feathers!

Now… Let me get back to work!