Fabric Journal

I decided to make a Fabric Journal. 

I should have done this ooooh so long ago, now it feels a lot of the fabric I’ve used in all my projects are gone and I can document it on the journal. 

Oh wait. Maybe you are asking “what the he I is a fabric journal? A join all wrapped in fabric????” 


Well! That is exactly what you will find if you google “fabric journal” lol 

BUT that’s definitely not what I mean! 

My fabric journal is a something to document and save a little sample of every fabric I used in my costumes and non costume sewing projects. 

I won’t add details like what w a fly the fabric is (some of them, I confess, I don’t even remember the name haha) nor the amount used or bought because I don’t remember. 

All I want to add is what costume/project it was for, samples of the fabric used and maybe even a little picture of the finished project.

I think it will be interesting. It will be fun to make it, I’m sure! And most of all it will be a good record to keep! Memories you know?!? All the bits and pieces that came together to make one costume. 
I am excited!!!! 

Now let’s see how long it is going to last and if I will have time and energy to keep it up. Lol 

I see hope so! 🙂