It’s a wrap!ย 

So yep! 

Con season is over! And it ended with a bang!!!! 

A good one that is! 

RICC was this past weekend and it was amazing! 

I was super busy all weekend long… so busy I barely saw the con itself apart from walking an hour or so on Sunday! 

I did get Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s autograph on Saturday, thanks to a good friend Javier Rosado and his wife Omayra. They bought the auto before the con and didn’t realize it was for Saturday! Since they were attending the con only in Sunday, they gave the auto tkt to me! 


I was sooo soooo happy! That was the only autograph I actually wanted but with the  possibility of having to move soon, I just couldn’t justify spending $85 on a scribble! (Very special scribble! But still!) 

So when Javier told me I could have it I literally danced up and down on my bed!!!! Lol 

It was insane to actually get the autograph. There was apparently 400 people on his line and I had just 20 minutes before I had to be lining up people for the contest! 


But thanks to very understanding people I was able to get the autograph! And I even got a hug and a kiss from Jeffrey!

If you know me, you know I don’t fan girl very often! I can count on one hand thebtimes I did it and this was def one of them!!!! 


Of all people I never ever imagined I’d meet him and although I did quit the walking dead, I do have to thank the show. If it wasn’t for it I don’t think JDM would ever do signings at a con! So yep! Thanks TWD!!!!! 

The costume contests, both kids and adults went well! Thank goodness! The after party was super fun!!!! I just wish I had more time tรด Hang out with friends!!!! But thanks ok! 

I am actually con season is over. Even though I haven’t done many cons this year, I’m glad to  Just stay home and not have to worry about cons and costumes. (Even if I’m already planning ComiCONN in my head! lol FOXWOODS HERE WE COME!!!) 

But for. I will just be home and relax with my pup!!!! 

Oh… yeah! But I do need to fix my wings! And finish my scout! 

Oh! And I need to work on my secret costume for celebration! 

Oh well! There’s no rest for the wicked! Lol 

Here are some of the pics I took this weekend. 

I didn’t take many! Well actually these are all the picture I took hahah too busy to even get my phone out for a pic! Lol 

And me! Busy at work!!! 


Do you believe in Magic?ย 

Now I do! 

Or at least I believe that dreams can come true!!!! 

When I was little all I ever wanted to do was go to Disney world! One day I asked my mom if there would ever be possible for her and my dad to take me there! She said NEVER! 

Soooo like tiana says: I worked really hard, each and every day… And so, I took myself there! (Now you know one of the reasons why I love tiana so much) 

This was my 7th time at Disney but it’s always very special! This time around even more so because of this!!!! 


That’s me! Tiny TK marching in a parade inside a Disney Park! WHAAAAAT????? 

Yep. How amazing is that???? 

Seriously when we stepped off, I was cool! We did the first turn and I saw the stage with all the Star Wars things… I think goofy Vader was up there cause I remember seeing the helmet head! All the SWW stuff I had only seen on YouTube! And then… That was it! 

I cried so hard inside my helmet! (Thank goodness for helmets hahaha)

I can’t explain exactly how I felt!!!! I mean!!!! PARADE!!!!!!! DISNEY!!!! ME!!!!! THERE!!!!!!! MARCHING!!!!!!! 


then someone out in the crowd shouted: ARENT YOU TOO SHORT FOR A STORMTROOPER???? 


Oh lady thank yoooou! Cause then I stopped crying and started laughing… At the same time I did my best to not move my head and keep pace with the tk next to me!!!! 

And then I thought…. WOW!!! 

What are all the crazy AMAZING AWESOME things I got to do because of the Legion?????? Besides all the amazing people I got meet because of the 501st!!!! 

I would not  be there, walking that parade, if I wasn’t 501st!!!!!! 

I swear, my heart was sooooo soooooo sooooo grateful I started crying again!!!!!!

Then thank goodness a friend in the crowd called my name and made me laugh again!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜„

Of course! I cannot forget to thank the florida Garrison and Lance, cause the amount of work these people put on this troop, to make it happen, is just unbelievable! And the FLG staff and the Disney cast members took really good care of us, making sure we were all hydrated and looking sharp!!!! 

Thank you so so so so much guys! You rock!  


Stolen Soul Photography

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Stolen Soul Photography, set up a small studio at their hotel room at SMF to take pics of the awesome cosplayers at the con!

Last year a photographer I didint know was doing the same and told me to come up! I even considered going when he mentioned he wanted to do some boudoir pictures! I was like… WHAT?!
It was kind of weird so I didn’t go!

But this year…. I know Allan and William from Stolen Soul and they are soooo awesome!! So I went! I’m glad I did. Their pics came out pretty cool and I don’t mean just mine! Everybody’s!!!

They are amazing!!!!!!




And I really wanted to take a silly face one hahah


New costume!

I couldn’t stop thinking about a new costume. A new project!
For a while now, I have been wanting to make a costume with lots of armor so i can use lots of worbla! (I love worbla!!!) something I haven’t done before!

That’s basically what I want to concentrate on now: Things I havent done before! I had never done a costume with prosthetic and body paint! DONE!
Now I want to do armor and wings. But not together! Hahaha the wings I would love to make just wouldn’t match up with armor! (I wanna make something like fairy wings! Delicate looking!)

It was hard to find an armor costume that I liked. I don’t want Mando! (Although there are a couple Mando characters is love to make one day, but I did make Mando armor just a couple of years ago for the CTG group costume at SMF)
I also don’t want another Wonder Woman… At least not for another year hahaha (there are way too many wonderful Wonder Woman versions out there and I wish I could make them all!)

Anime seems to have some pretty badass female armored characters! But I’m not into anime! So it seems silly! I still feel I need to have a connection to the costume to justify that amount of time and money I’d invest in it!

In my research I found Lady Sif. I’m not familiar with the character though and I haven’t even watched Thor (neither of them) but I like the armor! A lot!
It’s a mix of armor and leather and I love it! I like her battle look which will give me the opportunity to do some fx make up as well (the cut on her face) that I have never done before!

I have watched her battle scene… I think it’s on the second Thor, and also started reading a bit about the character… Just get more familiar with her story!
And what’s exciting me more about this costume is that FINALLY I will have a marvel costume! ๐Ÿ˜€
I do have one! psylocke! Which I wore ONCE because it makes me feel a bit naked hahaha I love it though so I haven’t even thought about selling it! But I don’t have any plans of wearing it again!
And besides Psylocke ALL my costumes are DC or Disney! ๐Ÿ˜›
It will be nice to have a another marvel one!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right now I’m doing some drawing… Piece by piece so I can see all the details and trying to figure out how to do stuff! Like carving craft foam, doing the edges on the worbla, etc!!!!

I have lots of leather (real one) and quite a bit of worbla left (will need more though) I found a fabric that mimics chainmail (a more delicate look) and I’m ordering some swatches to see if it will work! If it doesn’t work that will mean I will need to get my hand into chainmailing as well! EXCITING HuH???


I’m super excited already! And since I have lots of materials left over I can pretty much start working on it already!!!!!

Always exciting to have a new project!

I also feel it’s time to get back to jasmine! What you think?!?

Oh and I just got 2 ideas for costumes with wigs!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Soooo exciting!!!!

Halloween party costume

So, since I am still stuck on the bits I can’t get right for the other costume, I decided it was time to step away from it a little bit and do something more fun!!!! So yesterday I started working on my Halloween costume!

I usually don’t have any energy to sew or work in costumes when I get home from work but yesterday I was done at 4pm and just couldn’t waste that time!
This year, like I said in a previous post, RICC is throwing a Halloween party! It will be epic! Like super duper epic and I am soooo excited for it!
I have to tell you a secret! I have always been crazy about Halloween. I used to plan for my costumes for a whole year (that was when I used to buy them at party city lol) But since I started costuming… It’s just not the same thing anymore. I don’t really care about it as I used to and if I have a party to go, I usually just decide the costume super last minute and it’s always something simple and not expensive. I have a huge phobia of wearing any of my expensive ones around drinks and drunk people. Especially me!
But this year I am excited about the RICC party! I actually decided on this costume while I was at dragon con!

I wanted something fun, easy to make, cheap, and above all EASY TO WEAR! Something that I can dance, and bounce and be drunk while wearing it and not risk ruining it or having sore feet or even malfunctions!
So what did I come up with???????????

A party version of Ariel’s blue skirt!


A LOT of people tell me I should do an Ariel costume! And I really mean a LOT! Even people that I don’t know!!! I know it’s because of the hair, and if I’d ever make one it would be this one! (Ok I confess! Last year I heard an interview with Michael rooker – โค – and they asked him which one was his favorite Disney princess and he said Ariel! I think he was just throwing the only name he remembered haha but well! THAT is actually what motivated me to at least consider making an Ariel costume! Lol I know! I know! I just love that man!!!)
So the party version I thought of, is actually with a TUTU! The top part would pretty much be the same as the picture, but instead of the long skirt a tutu of the same color! And you know, one day, if I decide to make the accurate version, all I need is the skirt!

Doing it on a budget was also something I kept in mind! I was chatting with my friend ruby and he said how cool would it be if all costumers/cosplayers would make Halloween costumes in a budget of 20 bucks! That would be fun to see! I agree! I'm not sure if he is doing that but I am!

I bought the blue tule on amazon! 100 yards for 11 bucks! Free shipping! I bought blue elastic for 2 bucks also on amazon. I'm drafting the black top from scratch and only using fabric I have at home. I have enough plastic boning so I will use that as well! The shirt… I'm going to use the blue one I got for my DisneyBounding Anna! And also the blue bow I got for my DisneyBounding Belle! ( I will make a post about my Disneybounding plans soon) And my black flats!
So I spent in total 13 dollars for this costume! How cool is that????



I didn’t think I was going to use all 100 yards… I mean ONE HUNDRED YARDS! Are you kidding me, right?!? But I started cutting 24″ strips (it’s a party tutu people! I wanted short! Lol) and when I tied up the first one on the elastic… I just realized I wanted a super fluffy one!


Btw… I could totally SEW a tutu but… I’m short on time. The no sew ones looks as good and are so much faster!
Because I wanted super fluffy I doubled the strips of tule! I used 2 instead of one!


You have no idea how awesome it looks!
I wore it last night over my jeans and just hopped around in happiness screaming “I have a tutu” wondering why I waited this long to make myself one! TUTUS are awesome!
I have no clue what came to me to have this idea. I dont even remember! But I know one thing: IT WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!

Oh… And also… This costume is my “deadline” for my red hair! I’ve been thinking of dying it darker again, and I just kept postponing because of this or that convention… And then I decided I should keep it bright red for this costume so I wouldn’t have to worry about a wig! But after that… I’ll say bye bye to this brightness! ๐Ÿ™‚

DragonCon- the final day!

For me that is!!!
What can I say besides that this is insane!
Crazy huge!
People party way too much at night and then no one wakes up early in the morning!
I stayed up at the dance party/rave until 4am and still woke up at 7:45! O.o
What the hell is wrong with me???

I was bored out of my mind until 9ish then I took off on my own! I can’t sleep at cons! That’s just how it is!

My friends and I took the day to see everything we didn’t see all weekend and that pretty much meant everything else besides the lobbies at the Marriott and the Hyatt!

The artist alley was in a building 2 blocks away! O.o
And one of the rooms had a huge line to get in! TO GET IN! TO GO SHOPPING!!! WTF??????

And the heat! Holy crap the freaking heat! :/

I don’t want to be one to complain too much! But one of the things I enjoy about cons is really not having to deal with the weather outside in costume!
And at DC it’s just impossible!
Absolutely impossible!
I thought I was going to pass out outside wearing my Tiana! My fake eyelashes got loose… That’s how freaking hot it was!

I wonder how many of those people walking around at dragon con actually opened their mouths to complain about celebration happening in Orlando in august!
I mean! Yes! August in Orlando is brutal! But anyone could go about days without actually stepping outside! I know I did! Just my cae in for mcdonalds coffee that actually for me outside on the 3rd day!
But at dragon con you got no choice!
You gotta go outside.

Oh well! What can we do right?!? Nothing! So we melt! Cause DC is a super fun con! Not gonna deny it!