Going so slow

ALL my costumes have been going so slow this year 😦 it’s always one thing or another, and when nothing is happening I’m hit with a excutiating case of laziness. 

It seems I can’t get anything done. 

After getting sick at the end of last year, then getting lazy, then my dog getting sick… And me not doing anything besides stay next to him cuddling when I was home… I completely stopped work on my shadows trooper! 

Then when I was inspired I decided to work on Zarina for Connecticon. 

I did have plenty of time to finish it…. But got busy with working extra hours, events almost every weekend… And just working on it in between. 

Then a full weekend of sewing was ahead of me 2 weeks ago and I got sick again and barely got out of bed. 


Life does get in the way… One way or another and it sucks! 


But this past weekend I did work a lot on it. 

Here are some progress pictures. 

I’m using the same pattern I’ve seen people using for Princess Ana’s top. It’s a nice pattern and I like it because it seems to be long enough to not be popping out from under the belt. Some corset patterns are sort of short, no idea why. But this one is great!!! 

I love this fabric too! I got it at Joann’s and honestly I only got it because I had 2 really good coupons, cause this one was way over my budget! 

The fabric was super nice but that meant I had to make my own bias tape! It was sort of a pain cause to actually make it you have to use an iron, and I can’t iron it straight on the fabric! I used a piece of tissue paper and went very slowly to not melt it. 

But looook!!!!!!! It looks soooooooo nice doesn’t it?!? 

Sure, of course, because I rather do everything the slow way, I hand sewed the back of the bias tape just to make sure it was perfect and nice looking! Lining and channels for the boning. I’m using plastic ones on this. I know it’s not the most indicated, but I’m using the steel ones I have left on the new Wonder Woman corset I made. I definitely wear Wonder Woman way more than ANYTHING else I have so it needs a really good upgrade. And honestly I didn’t want to spend money on more steel boning! 

Unfortunately I had to spend more money on the plastic ones lol I thought I had enough but ran out of it. It was already Sunday afternoon… Weekend almost over. 

So I just put the eyelets on the back and was done for the weekend. 

I have a week off coming up so I am hoping I can finish everything. Otherwise Zarina will not show up at Connecticon 😦 


Let’s sew

There is a bunch of things I want to finish for dragon con!

But some of them, I just had to be realistic and make peace with the fact I can’t finish it in time.

The new Wonder Woman! I wanted to wear it sooo badly at dragon con, but… The fabric for the bottom didn’t work out! My plan B for it didn’t work out either, so I went with a plan C! A sort of mix and match of pieces of the old and the new versions! Let’s see.

I also got a better fabric for the white petals on my Tiana dress. I have always wanted to get the bridal satin instead of the regular cheap star satin! But when I was buying the fabric I spent $30 a yard on the green one and decided to save up some cash by getting the cheap satin. I has to compromise. I knew that sooner or later I would update those parts.

It didn’t look bad with the cheaper fabric. At least I think it didn’t. But it would definitely look much better with the nicer one. It always does. Isn’t it the secret of a good costume anywhere???

So yeah! I spent $100 bucks on more fabric for the updates. I cut all the petals, sewn them together…

And then, instead of finishing everything by attaching them to the dress.. NOOOOO! I decided to do something else! Hahah

A while ago I’ve seen this pretty cute corset online. It was like a shirt opening up on the chest and revealing the superman sign on it! Sooo adorable!
I always wanted to try and make one!
I had even bought a men’s button up shirt to try to reproduce the corset but I never has time or the motivation to do it!
Well! Motivation hit me on the head when I was working on the petals. So I started working on the corset, planning to wear it at dragon con!




I do have a lot of commercial patterns for corsets! I still even have the one I used for my Wonder Woman costume, which I love, but somehow I was not happy with any of them and making alterations to fit what I intended to do ended up being a lot more work! So I drafted my own pattern using my trusty dressform, Coco!


Mockup looked good and fit Coco perfectly! So I went on to make the real thing!


Mr. McDreamy was pretty impressed! Lol





I have to confess! I was pretty impressed on how it looked just like the original! I don’t even know who made the original one because all I found were posts on Pinterest, and I never followed the trail to find out where the original post came from! I guess I should do it now, so I can give the person proper credit, right?!

I just love how it came out! I can’t wait to wear it at Dragon Con! I think I’m going to get me some Clark Kent glasses as well!