It’s a wrap!ย 

So yep! 

Con season is over! And it ended with a bang!!!! 

A good one that is! 

RICC was this past weekend and it was amazing! 

I was super busy all weekend long… so busy I barely saw the con itself apart from walking an hour or so on Sunday! 

I did get Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s autograph on Saturday, thanks to a good friend Javier Rosado and his wife Omayra. They bought the auto before the con and didn’t realize it was for Saturday! Since they were attending the con only in Sunday, they gave the auto tkt to me! 


I was sooo soooo happy! That was the only autograph I actually wanted but with the  possibility of having to move soon, I just couldn’t justify spending $85 on a scribble! (Very special scribble! But still!) 

So when Javier told me I could have it I literally danced up and down on my bed!!!! Lol 

It was insane to actually get the autograph. There was apparently 400 people on his line and I had just 20 minutes before I had to be lining up people for the contest! 


But thanks to very understanding people I was able to get the autograph! And I even got a hug and a kiss from Jeffrey!

If you know me, you know I don’t fan girl very often! I can count on one hand thebtimes I did it and this was def one of them!!!! 


Of all people I never ever imagined I’d meet him and although I did quit the walking dead, I do have to thank the show. If it wasn’t for it I don’t think JDM would ever do signings at a con! So yep! Thanks TWD!!!!! 

The costume contests, both kids and adults went well! Thank goodness! The after party was super fun!!!! I just wish I had more time tรด Hang out with friends!!!! But thanks ok! 

I am actually con season is over. Even though I haven’t done many cons this year, I’m glad to  Just stay home and not have to worry about cons and costumes. (Even if I’m already planning ComiCONN in my head! lol FOXWOODS HERE WE COME!!!) 

But for. I will just be home and relax with my pup!!!! 

Oh… yeah! But I do need to fix my wings! And finish my scout! 

Oh! And I need to work on my secret costume for celebration! 

Oh well! There’s no rest for the wicked! Lol 

Here are some of the pics I took this weekend. 

I didn’t take many! Well actually these are all the picture I took hahah too busy to even get my phone out for a pic! Lol 

And me! Busy at work!!! 


Rhode Island Comic Con

Conventions are fun! They are A LOT of fun!!!!
During these 4 years I’ve been attending comic book conventions I have met some of my favorite people!
But a lot of the fun is also being able to do different things besides just walking around in costume!
Of course that’s still my favorite thing to do!!!

But at Rhode Island Comic Con this past weekend, I volunteered to help out at the KidsCon!
RICC had a whole area designated for the kiddos with a bunch of activities and things to see!
It was something right up my alley but completely different than anything I have done at conventions!





And it was awesome!!!! And apparently the kids that came to see us had a blast!!!
And I got to meet some amazing people as well, whom I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t doing this!!!

I also got to dress up for the kids!!! Which still is THE BEST part of it all!
Saturday I was Wonder Woman!
I love dressing up as her! Besides being a super comfy costume it is soooo much fun! I try to look as bad ass as I can but usually doesn’t work!







And when Wonder Woman got cold on the con floor, Indiana Jones was kind enough to let me borrow his jacket! ๐Ÿ˜€

One of the coolest things of that day was getting my pictures taken by Phil Damiano. He is super awesome! I am new at this picture taking thingie and usually freak out cause I have no idea what to do and how to pose! But he was super cool and made me feel super comfortable!
And I love the pics!!!





Sunday I dressed up as Tiana! My favorite costume EVER! But that will need a new entry on this blog!!!

“My work”

I went to Rock and Shock this weekend! It’s a horror convention and my very first time attending.
I am a cosplayer guest at Super Megafest and they actually took me to Rock and Shock to promote their con!
It was different, and fun, and I got to mingle, meet people and talk a lot!!! (Oh if you know me, you know I love to talk!!!)
It was a fun different experience without being in costume.
Not counting the fun times with my girls!!!
But… I was chatting with a friend and someone came and said hi to me. I said hi back and he went on to tell me he is a fan of my work!
It was touching.
And I realized I like that much better than some other compliments.
It’s nice when people tell me I look good. When when they tell me they find me talented. Yes! That’s nice too.
But I don’t see this hobby as something about ME. And these compliments although incredibly nice, are about me.

The guy likes my work.
The work I spend hours on, shed tears for quite a few times and even blood. The work I am passionate about, and have the most fun doing it! Not counting the fun times.

Sooo thank you thank you thank you for enjoying my work. I truly really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚