No excuses 


I have no excuses what so ever! 

2016 has been the slowest year for me so far since I started costuming. 

I could give you plenty of excuses. 

– my dog getting sick in the beginning of the year threw me off. I reduced the number of cons I attended this year to just cons I am working at. And I didn’t dress up. 

– I got lazy. No motivation at all. Just could NOT find it. 

– didn’t want to spend money on costumes. So the options I had were costumes I already had the materials. 

– the little motivation I was able to find got lost pretty quickly every time I got stuck in some part of the costume. 

Alright! Alright! These are not excuses. I’m just whining. 


But I did have a lot on my plate this year and every time I was home and had some free time, all I wanted to do was relax and cuddle with my pup! 

And time just freaking FLEW by! And now the year is almost over. 

Thanks to Super Megafest, the only con I attended for fun, I was able to find enough motivation to finish Zarina. 

But first, of course, I got stuck! Lol 

So I sat down to work on the sword. 

I read somewhere that this girl made the sword completely out of worbla scraps. Of course there was no tutorial, but I was like… hey I have worbla. I can do it! 



It started pretty ok I thing! I designed the shape from scratch and there we go! 


Nope! Didn’t work! Scratch that! 

Try again! 


One more time! 


I got a good looking shape and then I just couldn’t get it smooth 😢

Then I talked to a friend who’s the foam armor master. Got some tips, and tried with just foam! That would be easier to get it smooth right? 

Right! But I wasn’t able to get it in a good shape! 


I gave up. 

I had ordered a plastic one from a kids costume accessory thingie. It was too small of course but that was better than nothing. 

I cut the Z and added to the “stick” I had made. 

I painted silver and voila. Completely disproportional, but better than nothing. 

Solution for the future? 

Commission a 3D print of it! 

After painting the skirt and having the pieces laying around my living room for. I this I finally sewed it together. 

That was the last piece that needed to be sewn. 

At this point I was running against time. 

The con was a week away and because I had been stuck with the sword, I still had quite a few details to make! 

The earring and bracelet were easy and quick but the earrings are missing 2 blue beads each. I just couldn’t find beads that were a good size but had a large hole to actually got through the earrings. Oh well. 

They will be mostly hidden under my hair anyways. 

Oh and that’s another reason why I’m not getting the ears. 

No one will see them anyways. 

I had decided to make the belt out of pieces of wood and use 3D puffy paint for the details. 

Well first attempt didn’t work. I made the mistake of covering the pieces of wood with gesso and sanded the crap out of it. 

But still didn’t get it smooth enough! 😦 

Then I did it again. No gesso. Just sanded the wood, covered with shlac and AWESOME! 

I painted first then added the details. The 3D paint dried to match the spray paint perfectly. 🙂 yey so happy. 

I had to wait for the 3D paint to dry really well tho. It kept glueing to the pieces wherever they touched. 

And with almost everything done and out of the way I got the wings out ready to give it the last details. 

Omg can I tell you how much I wanted to cry????? 

The wings wouldn’t stay up! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Omg 😲 Just wanted to die. 

SMF was 3 days away and my wings weren’t working. 

I knew exactly where the problem was so I sat down to fix it and!!!!! 

Almost chopped my finger off. 


How to work on a costume when your finger won’t stop bleeding???? 

2 days to go! No finger and no wings. 


Then just because I wasn’t behind enough, why. It make something else? Sounds good to me! 

Blue pixie dust in a jar coming right up! 


If you don’t know the story, Zarina was a Dust Keeper fairy and she leaves Pixi Hollow after a dust mishap and becomes a pirate. She is the captain in Hooks ship actually, intends the make pixie dust to help the pirates do pirate things. She goes back to Pixie hollow and steals the blue dust (what they use to make pixie Dust. The whole movie is basically about the dust that she carries in a bag. How can I not have that????? 

Painting glass with midge podge. 

I couldn’t find the tiny little led lights so I got snowflakes for now. 


PCD – post con depression 

I already miss RICC SO MUCH! 

It was just soooo much fun! 

If you didn’t go, you missed it!!!!! 

Like always I don’t spend much time on my phone while I’m on the con floor. Not even for pictures. 

I even left my phone in my room quite a few times! I don’t really mind being away from it but it does mean I take very few pictures during the day!!!!! 

Here are a few of them! 

Great moments with great friends!!!!!! 

Opening Ceremony with the New England Garrison (and a few CTG ers)   

Night time shenanigans with Scott and Eric! 

 New costume debut!!!! This is what I slaved in for the past week!!!!


Wonder Woman Sunday for the kidsCon!!!    


I know I haven’t posted in soooo long. I sort of took a few months off of making costumes and worrying about them! It’s been nice and I miss it! Especially now with my 2 favorite cons coming up I’m getting the itch! 

Let’s see what I can put together in less than a month!!! 


And first con on my schedule this end of the year is RICC! 

If you have never been, SERIOUSLY! What are you waiting for???

They guest list is amazing and HUGE! 

There’s always someone or something to please everyone!

And there’s me! Hahahahah

I will be there!!!!!  


Stolen Soul Photography

A couple of weeks ago the guys from Stolen Soul Photography, set up a small studio at their hotel room at SMF to take pics of the awesome cosplayers at the con!

Last year a photographer I didint know was doing the same and told me to come up! I even considered going when he mentioned he wanted to do some boudoir pictures! I was like… WHAT?!
It was kind of weird so I didn’t go!

But this year…. I know Allan and William from Stolen Soul and they are soooo awesome!! So I went! I’m glad I did. Their pics came out pretty cool and I don’t mean just mine! Everybody’s!!!

They are amazing!!!!!!




And I really wanted to take a silly face one hahah


Super Megafest

Super Megafest has come and gone!
What a fun weekend!!!!

My line up for the con was…
Friday night: CTG cheerleader! I never wore it. Hahah I just got too lazy!

Saturday day:
First half of the day: Zatanna
Second half of the day: the joker
Night: Chiquinha

Super fun day and 3 costumes!
People always asks me how many costumes did you bring? Hahahah
Little they know I even had one I never wore! Hahah

By the way, chiquinha, Chaves and patty came out pretty cool!
I know people had no clue what we were doing hahahha they all asked and said even though they had no idea, that we looked nice.
I think so too!

And the very few that knew… Were sooooo excited! I am soooo happy we did it!


I don’t have that many other pictures tho! I took a bunch but they are very blurry!
I will add more SMF pics as I get them!


I’m gonna say it again!!! This is one of my most favorite cons ever! If not the FAVORITEST! Hahah yep! That good! With of making up words for it.

It’s that kind of con that is big, but now annoyingly big like NYCC, and basically everyone I know in New England goes attends it!
It’s fun all day and night long, with great guests and fun stuff to see during the day, and super cool parties at night! Then… The party always goes in in someone’s room!!!! 😉

Like always I barely take pics at cons! I usually don’t have pockets or don’t even carry my phone with me!
Seriously, who needs a phone or log on social media when social life is right there in front of you waiting to be lived and enjoyed?!? Right???

But here are a few if the pics I took during the weekend!!!













So much fun! I miss my RICC family a lot already!!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!! 🙂

It’s NYCC weekend!!!!

Soooo! It’s October! And for any Costumer/Cosplayer around the country it means NYCC!!!!
The biggest comicon in the East Coast!

Yep! They are RIGHT when they claim that NYCC is the biggest comic convention on this side of the US, and just a few years ago I just COULDNT WAIT to attend. Not anymore!

Being a Cosplayer, when October comes, the question I hear the most is “Are you going to NYCC?”

The past 2 years I volunteered with Official Pix and basically worked all weekend, but I did save Saturday so I could dress up and have fun. Guess what? I didn’t have fun! Not like before. I had much more fun volunteering with the awesome peeps at OPix, than dressing up and walking around.


well… let’s see!!!

First of all… and you can totally call me a cosplay diva if you wish…. I don’t really mind. But the whole changing situation is just a PAIN IN THE ASS! there isn’t a changing area. But,  let me be honest here!!! NYCC does offer cosplayers a ROOM! They tell the 501st Legion that’s where we can change. At first I thought it was a 501st room, where our things would be safe. But nope. it’s an open room for cosplayers, and people working in costumes for different vendors and booths. There is no security what so ever, and last year a friend of mine had her swag bag stolen from the room. Sad. So… thanks… but no thanks! I am not leaving my belongings there. or even changing in front of a BUNCH of strangers. Ok… in all honesty AGAIN! NYCC did prepare a closed curtain area inside the room, for privacy. But lets be real here as well! not everyone in the world is mindful of the next person. Last year the group of girls changing behind the curtains just hung out there for the LONGEST TIME not giving anyone else the chance to change in privacy.

Then there’s the choice of dressing up at home and driving down.

If you dress up in costumes at a convention, or events, or whatever, you know that this sometimes is not really doable. Most costumes are uncomftable to WALK! can you imagine sit in a car for 45 minutes, 1 hour depending on traffic? being uncomfortable sometimes is the least of our problems because we are USED TO IT, am I right????? lol but sometimes…. we just DONT FIT in the car while in costume.

Sure, we can go partially dressed. I’ve done that before. but then I had to finish getting dressed quickly at the parking place, and the guys were giving me dirty looks because I was holding them up on a busy day. and of course I ended up forgetting something and had to go back and MORE dirty looks! =/

So yes! maybe it’s a bit DIVA of me, but I did get used to the conventions that are close or AT a hotel, so we can go and change in privacy!

Besides the changing situation, I think NYCC is overrated.

For me, at least, it stopped being fun in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love that conventions are becoming upper popular and much more than just comics. But in this case…. it’s just TOO MUCH!

too crowded to the point it’s just not fun to walk around. AT ALL! I remember one year being completely engulfed by a mob of people in one isle… and as I tried to walk the mob tightened up even more and I ended up with one leg up and couldn’t even PUT IT DOWN! I am sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous! not fun! and definitely not something I want to go through again.

it takes forever to do anything because every corner of the floor is packed. It also irritates me that in the past years Reed kept changing the floor layout. so annoying.

Because i’s so crowded, the BEST part of a convention for me ends up NOT HAPPENING, which is hanging out with my friends. it’s hard. everything anyone wants to do takes too long. Lines are out of this world, and it ends up leaving us with little or no time to hang out! and I don’t like that!

The only thing that I really enjoy at NYCC is the walking dead panel. Thanks to a great friend of mine, I have watched it for the past 4 years…

This year when, again, I didn’t go after a tkt and it got sold out, missing the panel was the only thing that was making me sad. =( it became our tradition and it’s soooo much fun!!!!!! Even though I completely make a fool out of myself screaming like a little girl and freaking out like a insane fangirl! lol ask my friend!!!!!

So… yeah! I am going to NYCC. Not because of the con itself. Not even the celebrities because the only one I cared for is going today only. and I can’t go today =( Not even to dress up. Just for the panel!!!!!

I hope to see you there if you are going… but if not!!! hope to see you at RICC! Cause THAT is a fun con!!!! =D