Zarina. Finally! 


A productive Sunday

Finally a productive day! 

It’s not even that I got too much done but what I worked on was a very slow and tedious process! 

I cut the fabric, and unfortunately I don’t have enough of it to make a lining for it! :/ I personally think it will be fine without it and maybe even better bring all flowy with just one layer, but I wanted to try to see how it looked like. I always like to buy a lot more fabric than I need, but this particular one they didn’t have anymore of what I bought. 😦 

Sure I could run to Joanns again and see if they have more but I hate having to drive for 45 minutes just to get some more fabric to make a test! You know what I mean?!? 

So mostly what I did was cut the fabric, transfer all the pleats markings, and the slowest part of it all: transfer the Z design to the fabric. 

I wanted to paint everything BEFORE I sewed the pleats in place. Much easier.

The fabric pen I got and used on the headband didn’t work on this fabric. 

I am so glad I did a test before hand.

The pen is silver and very pretty, but as you use it it leaves this sort of wet lines around the silver. It dried out and des appeared on the headband fabric but not on the skirt fabric 😦 

Looked sooooo awful.

So I’ll have to do the outlines on the designs all by hand with a small brush. 

I don’t have the most steady hand to do that so I know it won’t be perfect. But it will be much better than having those weird wet looking lines around the whole thing. 

Of the 4 designs on 4 skirt panels u was able to finish 2 yesterday. Then I had to dye my hair. Lol 

I’ll try to do some work this week because I’m definitely not doing anything this coming weekend. It will be a busy one! 

Got the CTG Family Pic Nic Saturday and Sunday may go to Boston check out walker stalker!!!!! 

Just 1 week to go

And Connecticon is next week. 

I am still so far behind I’m not sure I can make it. 😦 fingers crossed. 

Which reminds me! Completely off topic! When I was a  kid growing up in Brazil, I used to hear people saying “cross your fingers” all the time.for luck I guess?!? Especially when you wanted something really badly. So when I did, just to make sure, I would cross  everything I could: my fingers then my arms, my legs, my toes… And even my tongue. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

That’s pretty much how I am right now!!!!! Lol crossing everything just I. Case! 

I finally finished the corset and made the head band. 

I watched the movie again and figuring out some of the colors is so annoying. In many scenes the details in her headband seem to be done in a lighter color. In many others it seems dark. O.o 

Same goes with her eyes, did you notice? It looks green, hazel, light brown… 

I’ve seen most people costuming as Zarina just being with their natural eye color. I even saw a blue eyes one. But because I am silly and forgot about the eye color, and don’t have anymore time to go to the eye doctor to get a new one, I’m gonna use whatever I have. Which is probably grey (looks green on me) 

I am also beyond upset about my wings. I used gel Tac to glue the plastic because just ironing the sandwich of plastic and frame didn’t work. Looked awful. So I decided to glue it. Looks great but… The glue oxidized the wire and it has dark spots everywhere on it. 😢😢😢😢 and right now I don’t have time to make another one! 😢😢😢😢 
But I will! 

Going so slow

ALL my costumes have been going so slow this year 😦 it’s always one thing or another, and when nothing is happening I’m hit with a excutiating case of laziness. 

It seems I can’t get anything done. 

After getting sick at the end of last year, then getting lazy, then my dog getting sick… And me not doing anything besides stay next to him cuddling when I was home… I completely stopped work on my shadows trooper! 

Then when I was inspired I decided to work on Zarina for Connecticon. 

I did have plenty of time to finish it…. But got busy with working extra hours, events almost every weekend… And just working on it in between. 

Then a full weekend of sewing was ahead of me 2 weeks ago and I got sick again and barely got out of bed. 


Life does get in the way… One way or another and it sucks! 


But this past weekend I did work a lot on it. 

Here are some progress pictures. 

I’m using the same pattern I’ve seen people using for Princess Ana’s top. It’s a nice pattern and I like it because it seems to be long enough to not be popping out from under the belt. Some corset patterns are sort of short, no idea why. But this one is great!!! 

I love this fabric too! I got it at Joann’s and honestly I only got it because I had 2 really good coupons, cause this one was way over my budget! 

The fabric was super nice but that meant I had to make my own bias tape! It was sort of a pain cause to actually make it you have to use an iron, and I can’t iron it straight on the fabric! I used a piece of tissue paper and went very slowly to not melt it. 

But looook!!!!!!! It looks soooooooo nice doesn’t it?!? 

Sure, of course, because I rather do everything the slow way, I hand sewed the back of the bias tape just to make sure it was perfect and nice looking! Lining and channels for the boning. I’m using plastic ones on this. I know it’s not the most indicated, but I’m using the steel ones I have left on the new Wonder Woman corset I made. I definitely wear Wonder Woman way more than ANYTHING else I have so it needs a really good upgrade. And honestly I didn’t want to spend money on more steel boning! 

Unfortunately I had to spend more money on the plastic ones lol I thought I had enough but ran out of it. It was already Sunday afternoon… Weekend almost over. 

So I just put the eyelets on the back and was done for the weekend. 

I have a week off coming up so I am hoping I can finish everything. Otherwise Zarina will not show up at Connecticon 😦 

Snowmaggedom may not stop the fun! 


It just doesn’t! 

People were asking:

“Are you still going to walker stalker? It’s gonna snow you know?” 

Yep! I know! It’s January and we live in New England! So yeah! I know it’s gonna snow! 

But!!!!!! It wasn’t snowing on our day there! 

Storm was supposed to be done and over with way before it was time to get back! So why worry about snow while we are all nice and cozy at a hotel????? 

And why oh why would I EVER miss some WSC fun? 

So yep! We made our way to NJ! Ready for the con! And KIND of ready to the storm! 

Ok! I’m not gonna lie! I wasn’t actually expecting that! 

It started like this! 

That was Friday night! Not bad right?!? 

But the governor of NY and NJ basically shit down both cities and the con had no choice but to cancel Saturday! 


But don’t you think we didn’t have fun! Cause by Saturday morning we were UNDER the snowmaggedom of 2016!!!! 

There was a mild lobby con… Mostly vendors that didn’t want to lose too much money over the weekend, but lots of costume! And drinks! 

If the bartender could keep up! 


But regardless there were plenty of drunk people causing trouble!!!! 

Me?!? Well. Me and my friends got bored and decided to face the snowmaggedom and walk to Walmart! 

I had snowboots! Fancy ones! Xmas gift from my boss! But all I had on were leggings! 

There was snow! And ice! And wind! 

And at some areas snow was up to my knees! It was hard to walk no doubt but sometimes, to be honest, it was hard to walk because we couldn’t stop laughing! Hahahah 

When we finally got to Walmart (the only store opened around there) I couldn’t even feel my legs. Hahah my toes were toasty but I ran my fingers on my thighs and nope! Couldn’t feel a thing! 😳 

We prob walk inside Walmart for an hour just to warm up and stop shaking! 

We prob spent 3 hours there. And best of all!!! I found pink snow pants for 10 bucks!!!! (Size 14!!!!! Hahahah) 

We wanted some snow toys as well but they were all sold out! 

Back to the hotel we got bored again! This is what we watched! 

They plowed that thing the whole day! Never stopped! Never let accumulate. (I guess it wouldn’t sustain the weight of that much snow) 

So we went outside and played on the snow!!!!! 

The con was on and I got to work with Peter Pan!!!!! 

And always nice to see that more and more cosplayers are venturing outside the walking dead theme when they dress up for WSC! 

Well! Ok technically!!!!! 


But it’s the same family!!!!! 

This was definitely a weekend that we will all remember forever!!!!!!! 

Wrapping up with SMF

As always my last costuming convention of the year is Super MegaFest! 

And also as always the BEST way to end the year:with friends having so much fun, mildly intoxixated of course lol 

SMF is that con that I go because of friends! I mean! All of them I honestly go because of the friends I’m gonna see there, but it seems SMF is always more about the people than the celebrities or panels or whatever. 

And like every year SMF debt disappoint. So much fun was had! And I am glad to say that now we don’t need to wait until November for another one. Spring SMF will happen again next year!!! Yeeeey 

I didn’t take too many pictures but I did have a photo shoot with Stolen Soul Photography!!!!! 

I know ibwasborettyvlzy this year about costumes and stuff. I started a bunch and didn’t finish ANY! So I cannot believe that this SUPER LAST MINUTE one came out so awesome!!!! 

I will try to do better next year with the costumes. I am reimagining my tiny sewing corner again because I know it’s the clutter and the mess that takes all my motivation away from me. 


It’s so hard to organize so much stuff (fabrics and costumes) in such a tiny space (my apartment) and the mess just annoys me so much, I can’t sit down to sew! 

Not an excuse. Just reality! 


As I wrap up the costuming con year I get ready for the very very very last con for me! Walker Stalker NJ/NY!!! The last volunteering one. 

Super excited to see my other con family and end the year with a nice BANG!!!!! 

Last minute? Again! 

It’s becoming a tradition! 

Last minute costumes for RICC is becoming a tradition. 

I just decided yesterday to make a whole new costume! WHAT??????? 

Long story short, I ended up going to Walmart for fabric because I had no time to drive 40 minutes to go to joanns! (Seriously joanns! Time to open a store around this area!) 

And thanks to the super rude woman who cuts the fabric I ended up getting everything for free! 

I had to buy a special hat (hint hint) and pay express shipping for it because otherwise I wouldn’t get it in time… So it ended up being SUPER cool to end up not spending a penny with the fabric! (And thanks to the manager who dealt with the issue promptly) 

As always the costume is a surprise but just so you know… I’m not sleeping this week! 

Whaaaat?????? Sleeping is overrated anyways! Lol