A productive Sunday

Finally a productive day! 

It’s not even that I got too much done but what I worked on was a very slow and tedious process! 

I cut the fabric, and unfortunately I don’t have enough of it to make a lining for it! :/ I personally think it will be fine without it and maybe even better bring all flowy with just one layer, but I wanted to try to see how it looked like. I always like to buy a lot more fabric than I need, but this particular one they didn’t have anymore of what I bought. 😦 

Sure I could run to Joanns again and see if they have more but I hate having to drive for 45 minutes just to get some more fabric to make a test! You know what I mean?!? 

So mostly what I did was cut the fabric, transfer all the pleats markings, and the slowest part of it all: transfer the Z design to the fabric. 

I wanted to paint everything BEFORE I sewed the pleats in place. Much easier.

The fabric pen I got and used on the headband didn’t work on this fabric. 

I am so glad I did a test before hand.

The pen is silver and very pretty, but as you use it it leaves this sort of wet lines around the silver. It dried out and des appeared on the headband fabric but not on the skirt fabric 😦 

Looked sooooo awful.

So I’ll have to do the outlines on the designs all by hand with a small brush. 

I don’t have the most steady hand to do that so I know it won’t be perfect. But it will be much better than having those weird wet looking lines around the whole thing. 

Of the 4 designs on 4 skirt panels u was able to finish 2 yesterday. Then I had to dye my hair. Lol 

I’ll try to do some work this week because I’m definitely not doing anything this coming weekend. It will be a busy one! 

Got the CTG Family Pic Nic Saturday and Sunday may go to Boston check out walker stalker!!!!! 


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