My favorite moments on Game of Thrones S6E9

Ok! I don’t do this. EVER! 

Mostly this blog is to document my costume progress, mostly for myself than anything else. It is called A CHICK IN COSTUMES, right??? Lol 

But come on!!!! 

Game of Thrones episode 9, Battle of the Bastards was soooooo freaking amazing I have to document my favorite bits! I don’t think I have screamed so much during a tv show!!!! My throat hurt so much after cause I was already sick, and with all the screaming!!!!! 

If you are reading this be aware of spoilers. If you haven’t watched it yet so NOT read! 

You have been warned!!!! 

10 – 

I do recognize that to a lot of people this must be a silly moment but it was one of my favorites. 

On season 5 when Drogon comes to the fighting pit to protect and rescue Daenerys he seemed mad at her. I don’t know! That was the feeling I had. Remember how he literally yelled at her face???? Someone once told me that in the book (I haven’t read it) he actually burned her. I’m glad they didn’t do that in the show, keeping her the UNBURNT! But this season, this episode he seemed so gentle with her! Look how he landed next to her! Such a huge beast but able to do it so gently next to his momma! And how he placed his wing next to her to let her climb up! I wonder if this behavior now is because she isn’t just his mother, now she is also his rider! She wasn’t before!

Anyways! I absolutely loved this moment! 


I didn’t find a picture yet for my moment number 9! It was when Tyrion was trying to explain the situation of Meeren to Daenerys. It was so funny! 

Peter Dinklage is definitely one of my favorite actors. He is amazing! Tyrion has been one of my favorite characters since season 1! I love his wits and how he always has something interesting to say! And I also love those little light moments in the show that are funny! So there! Moment 9, thanks to Mr Dinklage amazing acting skills, and Tyrion! Cause he is awesome! 


Seriously! Only Grey Worm could make slashing the ghost of 2 men something so sexy! Lol
Did you see that move???? Perfect! Like a dance! Then he adjusts his vest!!! Lol how awesome!?!

I also really liked that they finished off the 2 guys who turned into the 3rd. and I’ll confess! That guy in the left of the picture, sorry I don’t know his name, but he called Dany a “begger queen”. I hate him! It was time for him to go! 



That was awesome! Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targeryen!!!!!!! What a great exchange! 

I do hate tho, that people in general turn everything into something sexual and then ship everyone! (Come on can we all move on from this ridiculous shipping shit? It’s stupid!) it just feels to me to take the real value of this! 

It was sexual! It was powerful! Sure they were flirting! But not because they were sexually attracted to each other. It was the powerful female leader that each one of them saw in each other that made them actually like and respect one another from the get go. 

Yara was SMART! Her come backs to Dany’s questions were perfect and Dany saw that! She is strong, she is a leader and she is also a warrior! She wants to rule in a world where men don’t give women a shit and Dany admires that. 

Can’t people admire each other without being always sexually attracted?!? Geez! 




She is amazing!!!!! She didn’t even talk here but that face!!!!! 

I’m calling her The little bear lady!!!! 

Love her to pieces! 

She already rocked the world when Jon and Sansa went to talk to her! 

And I was absolutely surprised that she went to the battle field. I know the lords that joined jon’s fight would, but it never crossed my mind SHE would. 

It just shows her strength and integrity and maturity. She is a girl. And she is 10 years old. But that doesn’t care either for her or all her 62 men. It’s her people and it’s her duty so she was there. 

And the face! That was exactly when Ramsay was saying he would forgive those lords of treason if Jon declared him lord of winterfell. 

It’s almost like, yeah Jon, Sansa and Ser Davos told her about this asshole but now she can see with her own eyes! And there’s the face! Lol 


This wasn’t like… My favorite moment, but I had to add because it got me screaming like a crazy person. 

This for me is good television. Cause let’s face it: there was no hopes for poor Rickon. I was even surprised that he was still alive. Even before Sansa herself recognized they wouldn’t be able to save him I already knew it. 

I’m sure the producers of the show also knew fans who read or didn’t read the books knew rickon was on his last moments. So what could they do to still put the audience at the edge of their seats, even though we know what’s coming?? Cutting the scene to dark and saying see ya next year like another show did???????? 

Nah! GoT got smart people working on the show and not stupid people with a bad material that need manipulate the audience to keep their ratings! Nah!!!!lol

That scene was insane. Even knowing that Eickon was going to die, that Ramsay was missing on purpose I was freaking! ZIG ZAG RICKON ZIG ZAG DAMN IT!!!! 

And Jon on the other side! Falling into Ramsay’s trap like Sansa told him not to! I didn’t know if I screamed GO FASTER, or ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!! 

How Ramsay brought Jon into his (and his men) line of fire!bhoe he manipulated the whole game so Rickon basically died at Jon’s feet. 😦 It was a trap and Snow fell for it 😦 

This moment is here not because I liked seeing Ramsay playing with rickon and Jon, or because I liked that poor (not so)little rickon died so brutally. 

It’s here because it was great television! 


Ser Davos and Tormund. How awesome was their conversation. 2 great men so different but very similar at the same time. 

And this is one of the reasons I love this show! Even small conversations are so great and so deep and so amazing! 

I just loved the conversation and almost peed my pants laughing when Tormund said “happy shitting” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


This isn’t exactly the scene I loved, it was when they dropped the boltons banner and then came the Starks! But I couldn’t find that exact moment online! 


I got goose bumps! I cried. It’s been soooo sooo darn long! 

Finally since season one Starks are finally back in winterfell. It was sort of the same feeling I had when Sansa and Jon saw each other. 

If you go back to the very beginning and think wow! It’s been soooooo long!!!! Sure every thing changed! Most of their family members are all but dead… But they are back HOME! And seeing the Starks banner on the walls?!? It was sooo amazing! 

Now honestly I cannot wait until next week’s episode when they finally change the boltons sigil to the Starks in the opening credits. ❤️


I am not a violent person! 
I can’t kill a fly to be honest! I get sick when I see anyone getting hurt, that being from a fight or an accident and I’m not exaggerating. 

But here!!!!! I couldn’t stop screaming to Jon to hit him more MORE MORE MORE! I didn’t want him to kill him. I wanted him to save it for Sansa, but I wanted Jon to beat him! For rickon, for the red wedding, even for the Starks that died (or he thinks are dead) not by the boltons hand! I wanted Jon to beat Ramsay for what he did to Sansa! And even beat him up for all the things he did that Jon doesn’t know but I do: his stepmother and the baby, even Theon… MORE MORE MORE. 

I scared myself. Because even though I knew Jon stopped because otherwise he would have killed him I still wanted more. 

I don’t think I have hated a fictitional character so much as I hated Ramsay. 

He was great for tv, don’t get me wrong. But it was time to go! 


Talk about a show not being afraid to give to the fans what they want!?!? 

Most satisfactory moment in television EVER! 

I kind of forgot for a while what it meant to be a fan of a show and not be pissed all the time with the stupid decisions characters make, stupid empty writing! 

There’s nothing of that on game of thrones and it feels so good! Lol 

There was no better way for this character to go! 

Nope! This WAS PERFECT! 

The whole scene was peefect. The conversation was perfect! 

Ramsay’s face when it finally hit him that he was going to be eaten by his hounds….. Was freaking perfect!!!!!!!! 

It was violent and awful in that sense but I was like aaahhhhhh there! 

I mean! Ramsay was a great villain! And great villains deserve great awful deaths! 

So there you have it Ramsay Bolton! And even more satisfactory to know HOUSE BOLTON and their awful sigil died with him. 

Goodbye Ramsay. 



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