Wings people! WINGS

So I kind of lied! 

Kind of! 


My next step on My Zarina wasn’t drafting the skirt, but working on the wings. 

I’m just too excited about these wings because like I said, I love working on things I’ve  never done before. 

I decided to make the wings with wire instead of poster board for the frame. As much as I think the ones with paper are super pretty and well done, I wanted to do it with wire. 

Last year when i started gathering materials for this I ended up buying wire 16! I always get confused with the Gauge of wire. The highest the thinner right?!? 

So i don’t know! I bought it on amazon when I got the film for it as well. When it arrived I realized it was too thick. It would make some pretty sturdy wings but!!!! It would be way too hard to work on! 😦 

I ended up “archiving” that project for a few months until a couple of weeks ago when I went to Walmart and saw the wires! 

This time around I could touch it and bend it and decide for myself what gauge would be better.

I got 18. I’ve seen some tutorials out there with 18 for the outer frame and 20 for the inside details. But I figured 18 was just fine. 

I got a solder thingie too. 

I’ve never used that thing before. 

I got a simple, craft one from Michaels. It comes with 2 tips, the thingie to melt, and some cooper thingie they use for glass thingies! 

(COME ON PEOPLE!!! Aren’t you super impressed with my vast knowledge of THINGIE terms????? Lol sorry. I honestly don’t remember the names of all those “thingies” lol I’m still learning!!!!) 

Even tho it’s like a simple one just for craft I think it’s perfect for what I need!!!! 

I got a big cardboard trifold because I just didn’t have a big piece laying around 😦 had to buy it! 

But, important tip here!!! Transferring your design to the cardboard is the best. Gives a nice, flat and sturdy surface to work the wire on! 

I read lots of tutorials about making wings. And I watched many YouTube videos about how to solder, and yesterday I decided I was ready!!!! 

I taped the wire down as I shaped it. There’s no way in heavens and earth that I could do this without taping it down. 

And then I soldered it almost every time I put a piece down. Unless they were many smaller pieces. 

Then I lay them all in place and taped them, then I soldered them. 

I have to say! The whole process was much easier than I thought. And a lot of fun to make it as well. 

I did burn my fingers a lot. But that’s because I’m stupid. Like, this is the easiest way to teach dumb people about heat conduction. Seriously! 

It isn’t even that I don’t know about it…. But still, dumb brain is forgetful and I would just touch the damn wire anyways. Lol 

By the end of one side of the wings I just literally could NOT stand the pain on my fingers. πŸ˜” 

I am so so happy with how it turned out! Definitely much much better than I expected for my first try. 

I will probably solder a bit on the other side as well, just to make sure it’s really good. 

To tell you the truth I don’t know if it needs it or if it will actually make it better, but in my mind, my crazy logic, it makes sense. 


With my new crazy schedule at work, troops almost every weekend, and my dog still acting a bit weird from time to time, I’m not quite sure when I’m going to find time to get back to this. But I hope it will be soon! 


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