Snowmaggedom may not stop the fun! 


It just doesn’t! 

People were asking:

“Are you still going to walker stalker? It’s gonna snow you know?” 

Yep! I know! It’s January and we live in New England! So yeah! I know it’s gonna snow! 

But!!!!!! It wasn’t snowing on our day there! 

Storm was supposed to be done and over with way before it was time to get back! So why worry about snow while we are all nice and cozy at a hotel????? 

And why oh why would I EVER miss some WSC fun? 

So yep! We made our way to NJ! Ready for the con! And KIND of ready to the storm! 

Ok! I’m not gonna lie! I wasn’t actually expecting that! 

It started like this! 

That was Friday night! Not bad right?!? 

But the governor of NY and NJ basically shit down both cities and the con had no choice but to cancel Saturday! 


But don’t you think we didn’t have fun! Cause by Saturday morning we were UNDER the snowmaggedom of 2016!!!! 

There was a mild lobby con… Mostly vendors that didn’t want to lose too much money over the weekend, but lots of costume! And drinks! 

If the bartender could keep up! 


But regardless there were plenty of drunk people causing trouble!!!! 

Me?!? Well. Me and my friends got bored and decided to face the snowmaggedom and walk to Walmart! 

I had snowboots! Fancy ones! Xmas gift from my boss! But all I had on were leggings! 

There was snow! And ice! And wind! 

And at some areas snow was up to my knees! It was hard to walk no doubt but sometimes, to be honest, it was hard to walk because we couldn’t stop laughing! Hahahah 

When we finally got to Walmart (the only store opened around there) I couldn’t even feel my legs. Hahah my toes were toasty but I ran my fingers on my thighs and nope! Couldn’t feel a thing! 😳 

We prob walk inside Walmart for an hour just to warm up and stop shaking! 

We prob spent 3 hours there. And best of all!!! I found pink snow pants for 10 bucks!!!! (Size 14!!!!! Hahahah) 

We wanted some snow toys as well but they were all sold out! 

Back to the hotel we got bored again! This is what we watched! 

They plowed that thing the whole day! Never stopped! Never let accumulate. (I guess it wouldn’t sustain the weight of that much snow) 

So we went outside and played on the snow!!!!! 

The con was on and I got to work with Peter Pan!!!!! 

And always nice to see that more and more cosplayers are venturing outside the walking dead theme when they dress up for WSC! 

Well! Ok technically!!!!! 


But it’s the same family!!!!! 

This was definitely a weekend that we will all remember forever!!!!!!! 


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