Wrapping up with SMF

As always my last costuming convention of the year is Super MegaFest! 

And also as always the BEST way to end the year:with friends having so much fun, mildly intoxixated of course lol 

SMF is that con that I go because of friends! I mean! All of them I honestly go because of the friends I’m gonna see there, but it seems SMF is always more about the people than the celebrities or panels or whatever. 

And like every year SMF debt disappoint. So much fun was had! And I am glad to say that now we don’t need to wait until November for another one. Spring SMF will happen again next year!!! Yeeeey 

I didn’t take too many pictures but I did have a photo shoot with Stolen Soul Photography!!!!! 

I know ibwasborettyvlzy this year about costumes and stuff. I started a bunch and didn’t finish ANY! So I cannot believe that this SUPER LAST MINUTE one came out so awesome!!!! 

I will try to do better next year with the costumes. I am reimagining my tiny sewing corner again because I know it’s the clutter and the mess that takes all my motivation away from me. 


It’s so hard to organize so much stuff (fabrics and costumes) in such a tiny space (my apartment) and the mess just annoys me so much, I can’t sit down to sew! 

Not an excuse. Just reality! 


As I wrap up the costuming con year I get ready for the very very very last con for me! Walker Stalker NJ/NY!!! The last volunteering one. 

Super excited to see my other con family and end the year with a nice BANG!!!!! 


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