Last minute? Again! 

It’s becoming a tradition! 

Last minute costumes for RICC is becoming a tradition. 

I just decided yesterday to make a whole new costume! WHAT??????? 

Long story short, I ended up going to Walmart for fabric because I had no time to drive 40 minutes to go to joanns! (Seriously joanns! Time to open a store around this area!) 

And thanks to the super rude woman who cuts the fabric I ended up getting everything for free! 

I had to buy a special hat (hint hint) and pay express shipping for it because otherwise I wouldn’t get it in time… So it ended up being SUPER cool to end up not spending a penny with the fabric! (And thanks to the manager who dealt with the issue promptly) 

As always the costume is a surprise but just so you know… I’m not sleeping this week! 

Whaaaat?????? Sleeping is overrated anyways! Lol 



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