Very productive weekend

Well! I guess I can say that, right?!?
My tests with the Sif armor went well, although I think I will skip the wood putty!
The shellac works pretty good and it’s very smooth!
I got some automotive primer, and chrome paint! Will do that tonight if I have time!!! I’m afraid the chrome paint will bring up all the imperfections on my sanding… So let’s see!

Besides that, I finished Esmeralda’s skirt! I made it a elastic band waist because it was easier, but I feel that it’s too bulky! :/ I’m gonna make the corset and stuff and see how it looks together but I am almost sure I’ll end up changing it and making a regular waist band for it!



And yesterday I spent around 10, 11 hours flying crystals on Elsa’s cape!
I know it sounds crazy but by the end of the day I literally couldn’t stop hahaha I had to shower, do my hair, clean up… But I couldn’t stop! How crazy is that????
I put on some tv shows on Netflix (999 park ave and Cult) and just glued the day away! Soooo relaxing!!!!



I don’t really think those crystals will last for too long with a 4 year old and parents who have no clue how much work and time and money we put into costumes…. But that’s ok! I still want to make them as nice and beautiful as possible!!!!!
Cause that’s just how I roll! Lmao


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