Lady Sif – the beginning of a worbla armor

I haven’t worked with worbla much. All I’ve made so far were tha Wonder Woman pieces from last year, and I really loved working with it.
Lady Sif will be the first time I have to make that many pieces.
With worbla!
I am pretty excited.
And pretty intimidated!!
I’ve been sketching and researching a lot for the past few months, so when I got home today and realized I used the wrong glue for the crystals yesterday….
Yep! I did!
Elsa’s cape glued to the glass cutting board I put under the fabric. 😦
It wouldn’t budge. At all and when I tried harder to take it off… I ripped the fabric and half of the crystals fell off O.o
Tonight I used my heat gun and gently warmed up the glue. It came off easily but I don’t have time to go to Joan’s or Michael’s to get a different one.

And since I can’t work on elsa… I started tests for SIF!

Yeeeey worbla!!!!!


Totally wrapped my leg on plastic and tape! We all know that’s the best way to make a pattern the will fit you properly!
But it was very hard to draw it from that position!!! :S






I transferred everything to paper and then cut in foam.

I used the sandwich method because… Even tho I know using only one layer of worbla will save up loads of money, making it like this totally makes stronger pieces.


I used wood putty. Just as a test. I don’t think it will be actually necessary but I’m testing some of the techniques I saw to smooth worbla. It’s time consuming but hopefully it will be worth it!


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