Holy Crap!!!!

Time freaking flies!
I cannot believe I haven’t updated this for 2 freaking months!!! :/ soo soo sorry!!!!

I haven’t even been busy! Hahah
I guess that’s the problem huh?!? Usually, December to March or April are extremely slow convention months! There’s really nothing to do, and I just go full lazy with costumes as well! Almost like hibernation!!!! Lol
But I’ve been doing some stuff! Lots of research for Sif and Zarina!

I also decided to make a Biker Scout, so I’m starting to save up for that… You know… Screen accurate armor the way I like is not cheap at all! So gotta save up!!!! Which means I won’t be looking into it for a little while!

I also decided to make another Disney costume! One im hoping will be faster and easier since there’s basically just sewing involved. Esmeralda from the hunchback of Norte dame.

Funny thing about this one!!! I never watched the movie.
The whole story always freaked me out when I was a kid. I think, and sorry I don’t actually remember it perfectly well, but I think there was a live action movie that for some strange reason my mom let me watch it when I was little! (Just like she let me watch that freaking bear movie when I was around 5 and it still gives me nightmares :/)
I hated how Quasimodo suffered. It broke my little tiny child’s heart! 😦
So when the Disney movie came out I refused to watch it!!!!!
I don’t really think I can pull off an Elsa! Or Cinderella! Hahaha
Don’t get me wrong! I think we should ALL do whatever costume/COSPLAY we love! It’s your hobby! Your time! Your money! You know what I mean?!?
It doesn’t matter the color of your skin or the shape of your eyes, or even and especially your weight!

But we all have our personal decisions to make when we decide on what costumes to work on and wear, and this is MY decision. I’d never think of making an elsa, for example! Or a Thinker Bell! Or many of the blond characters. My personal opinion and my personal decision! That’s all!!!

And with that said, I thought Esmeralda was a good one for me!

It is quite weird tho, that I’m making a costume of something I never watched. But I am REALLY so super excited with this whole Disney costuming thing hahah it’s fun!!!!!
Id love to make as many Disney costumes as I can!

Since it’s almost the end of February, it’s time to come out of hibernation and I will be updating this more often!!



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