Thank you Mood!

Ok I’ll say it again!

This time around I went there to look up fabric for a costume for my niece.
My original idea was to make her a nice Snow White (she is perfect for it) to replace the shitty one she has now!

I wanted to make something nice!, like just a small version of any Disney cosplayer gown!
When I called home tho, to get her size and measurements, of course I learned that her favorite princess is Elsa. Oh boy!
It seems the whole cosplaying world is making Elsa costumes, and most of them are awful. :/
I was sure I’d stay away from the Elsa group… And I even told everybody at home… It will be a bitch to make it, and expensive! :/

To make it the way I think it needs to be made! You know?

Everybody understood. And I am sure Isadora would be happy with Snow White!
Buuuut when I for to mood I couldn’t resist but look around for something Elsa!!!!

I ended up finding a pretty nice shine ice blue one and that had me!

Fabric won’t be hard! Sewing won’t be an issue.
But… I want the perfect sequins on the too and crystals on the train (cape! She is 4. She will trip on a cape)
I bought just 20 gross of crystals and that was 50 bucks. Just that. By
It even counting the fabric! And I still have to find the sequins.

But I am excited. I’ve made men costumes one, and baby once as well. But this is the first time I sew for a 4 year old. It will be exciting.



ELSA fabric


I can’t wait to start!!!!


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