Super Megafest

Super Megafest has come and gone!
What a fun weekend!!!!

My line up for the con was…
Friday night: CTG cheerleader! I never wore it. Hahah I just got too lazy!

Saturday day:
First half of the day: Zatanna
Second half of the day: the joker
Night: Chiquinha

Super fun day and 3 costumes!
People always asks me how many costumes did you bring? Hahahah
Little they know I even had one I never wore! Hahah

By the way, chiquinha, Chaves and patty came out pretty cool!
I know people had no clue what we were doing hahahha they all asked and said even though they had no idea, that we looked nice.
I think so too!

And the very few that knew… Were sooooo excited! I am soooo happy we did it!


I don’t have that many other pictures tho! I took a bunch but they are very blurry!
I will add more SMF pics as I get them!


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