One more????

So after spending the whole year without finishing one single costume… I am finishing my 4th in 2 weeks.
That is def some sort of personal record!



This one is more of a joke! It is what I like to call a BAR COSTUME!
For Saturday night at Super MegaFest! People always put in some fun costumes just to hang out at the bar at this con, some even do amazing group costumes!
And this one I’m making now was a crazy last minute moment!

Growing up in Brazil Mexican tv shows were everywhere. Especially those stupid soap operas, but also an old old children’s show called CHAVES.

So you have an idea how old this show is, when I was a kid 3 or 4 of the main cast were already dead! Yep! That’s how old it is!

It’s been on tv in Brazil forever and everyone loves its silliness and innocence!

So apparently it was the same thing in most countries in South America, cause a couple of friends of mine also grew up watching it! So yep! That’s what we decided to wear for the bar Saturday night: A TURMA DO CHAVES!

I’m Chiquinha, my friend will be Chaves and his girlfriend will be Patty!
I’m making my costumes from scratch, his is all store bought pieces, and I will be making Patty’s out if some hideous night gown! Lol (we had no time to go but fabric and the night gown had the perfect floral pattern for it!

So I guess that officially makes 5 costumes in 2 weeks! Lol
I am on a roll! Hahahah


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