So many costumes

I have been lazy this year, I think I mentioned it before! Hahah
But then, super last minute and crazy crunch time for Rhode Island Comic Con I ended up pulling off 3 new costumes and almost 4 if you don’t count I used my old Wonder Woman bottoms for my new version!

First! Kiss the girl tutu Ariel! Or ballerina ariel as some people were calling it!
I ended up using a corset I already had, but changed it a little bit!

I loved it! I have never had a tutu before and I just absolutely love it! It was a simple fun costume for the Halloween party!

The biggest surprise costume I’ve been talking about was the wicked witch from Oz the great and powerful!
Every year it seems I make ONE big costume and this one is it for 2014!
I am pretty happy how it turned out and even tho the make up was a lot of work, I am also happy I did this!
I read a lot and watched tons of tutorial videos on how to do it and this was, believe it was not, my first FULL attempt.
At home once I tried it and I ended up messing the nose and chin up and the green was a wrong color.
Which was great cause I learned with my mistakes and it paid off!
My friends didn’t recognize me.
To tell you the truth… I didn’t recognize myself! Lol



I always wanted to make a female joker! I bought the fabric 2 years ago, put it in a bin and forgot about it! For some reason I decided to finally make it for the RICC after party!
I’m so glad I did!
With Ariel, wicked witch and the joker I barely slept last week to be able to finish them all!
But it was all worth it!



And last but not least! Wonder Woman v.2.
It did not come out the way I planned because I haven’t found a fabric for the bottoms that I like! Still looking! So I used my old bottoms!
I loved it even thought it was quite hard to move my arms in certain directions… Or bend my waist hahha but seriously! Those are overrated anyways so who cares! Hahaha




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