Talking about Halloween

And we are just 1 day away from Halloween and for a while now my Facebook feed has been flooded with posts about Halloween costumes. And I mean (what I call them) “party city” costumes.

I’ve seen a lot of costumers/cosplayers complaining about them, especially about the “sexy-zation” of characters.
Like sexy Olaf! (Come on! That’s funny!!! Hahaha)
Also I’ve seen complains about how awful they look, how terrible they are, etc, etc, etc!

And all that made me think! A lot!

First… I don’t get people. I really don’t!

I mean… These are Halloween costumes! They are made and targeted to people that dress up once a year, at a bar or party, where one of the most fun things is to be sexy and get drunk. (Let’s face people! It’s true!) there has ALWAYS been party city sexy costumes for EVERY character. I mean! They made a sexy candy corn! CANDY CORN!
I honestly don’t see it as a big deal! Cosplayers do that ALL THE TIME! Sexy stormtrooper (I have one!!!) sexy wampa, sexy ewok, sexy everything. So… Why can’t party city do the same?

Also… The quality! Yeah it’s bad! But it’s a party city costume for cry out loud. People that dress up for Halloween usually only wear those for one night a year! 2 or 3 maybe if you got lots of parties to go! But should we, as cosplayers/costumers, demand the same quality we have for our costumes, for the people that dress up only once a year?

I remember exactly when I was one of those people. I waited all year long to dress up for one night. It was a pain in the ass tho cause party city never had that much variety and things that I enjoyed! I can’t stop thinking that if I hadn’t fell in love with costuming and all this I would probably still be counting on party city like stores to find my costumes and I KNOW I’d be soooo excited with the new ones out there.

So yeah! I don’t expect the same quality I, for example, put into my costumes, but I don’t find anything wrong them!
They are supposed to be for a fun night on the town and that’s it!

Now! I just hope with all my heart that these don’t end up on the con floor but that’s for another discussion! 🙂
Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!!!!



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