It’s NYCC weekend!!!!

Soooo! It’s October! And for any Costumer/Cosplayer around the country it means NYCC!!!!
The biggest comicon in the East Coast!

Yep! They are RIGHT when they claim that NYCC is the biggest comic convention on this side of the US, and just a few years ago I just COULDNT WAIT to attend. Not anymore!

Being a Cosplayer, when October comes, the question I hear the most is “Are you going to NYCC?”

The past 2 years I volunteered with Official Pix and basically worked all weekend, but I did save Saturday so I could dress up and have fun. Guess what? I didn’t have fun! Not like before. I had much more fun volunteering with the awesome peeps at OPix, than dressing up and walking around.


well… let’s see!!!

First of all… and you can totally call me a cosplay diva if you wish…. I don’t really mind. But the whole changing situation is just a PAIN IN THE ASS! there isn’t a changing area. But,  let me be honest here!!! NYCC does offer cosplayers a ROOM! They tell the 501st Legion that’s where we can change. At first I thought it was a 501st room, where our things would be safe. But nope. it’s an open room for cosplayers, and people working in costumes for different vendors and booths. There is no security what so ever, and last year a friend of mine had her swag bag stolen from the room. Sad. So… thanks… but no thanks! I am not leaving my belongings there. or even changing in front of a BUNCH of strangers. Ok… in all honesty AGAIN! NYCC did prepare a closed curtain area inside the room, for privacy. But lets be real here as well! not everyone in the world is mindful of the next person. Last year the group of girls changing behind the curtains just hung out there for the LONGEST TIME not giving anyone else the chance to change in privacy.

Then there’s the choice of dressing up at home and driving down.

If you dress up in costumes at a convention, or events, or whatever, you know that this sometimes is not really doable. Most costumes are uncomftable to WALK! can you imagine sit in a car for 45 minutes, 1 hour depending on traffic? being uncomfortable sometimes is the least of our problems because we are USED TO IT, am I right????? lol but sometimes…. we just DONT FIT in the car while in costume.

Sure, we can go partially dressed. I’ve done that before. but then I had to finish getting dressed quickly at the parking place, and the guys were giving me dirty looks because I was holding them up on a busy day. and of course I ended up forgetting something and had to go back and MORE dirty looks! =/

So yes! maybe it’s a bit DIVA of me, but I did get used to the conventions that are close or AT a hotel, so we can go and change in privacy!

Besides the changing situation, I think NYCC is overrated.

For me, at least, it stopped being fun in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love that conventions are becoming upper popular and much more than just comics. But in this case…. it’s just TOO MUCH!

too crowded to the point it’s just not fun to walk around. AT ALL! I remember one year being completely engulfed by a mob of people in one isle… and as I tried to walk the mob tightened up even more and I ended up with one leg up and couldn’t even PUT IT DOWN! I am sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous! not fun! and definitely not something I want to go through again.

it takes forever to do anything because every corner of the floor is packed. It also irritates me that in the past years Reed kept changing the floor layout. so annoying.

Because i’s so crowded, the BEST part of a convention for me ends up NOT HAPPENING, which is hanging out with my friends. it’s hard. everything anyone wants to do takes too long. Lines are out of this world, and it ends up leaving us with little or no time to hang out! and I don’t like that!

The only thing that I really enjoy at NYCC is the walking dead panel. Thanks to a great friend of mine, I have watched it for the past 4 years…

This year when, again, I didn’t go after a tkt and it got sold out, missing the panel was the only thing that was making me sad. =( it became our tradition and it’s soooo much fun!!!!!! Even though I completely make a fool out of myself screaming like a little girl and freaking out like a insane fangirl! lol ask my friend!!!!!

So… yeah! I am going to NYCC. Not because of the con itself. Not even the celebrities because the only one I cared for is going today only. and I can’t go today =( Not even to dress up. Just for the panel!!!!!

I hope to see you there if you are going… but if not!!! hope to see you at RICC! Cause THAT is a fun con!!!! =D




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