Imperial Hats!

Soooo what did you guys do in your weekend???
I made 2 hats!!!! Because… I want to go to NYCC! Lol let me explain!
Every year I mess up my chances to go to NYCC! I don’t even know why! I ALWAYS just don’t even think of buying tkts until I hear they are sold out.
And I’m going to tell you the truth. I think it’s just PRETTY STUPID how quickly those tkts sell out.
I have this theory that they put just a portion of tkts on sale in the beginning, so later on they can put them in the “black market” and sell them for 2x, 3x the price!
They know people are doing that anyways, and making money with their stuff so why wouldn’t they make some more money as well?!?
That makes sense in my mind! And I know I am full of crazy theories hahah but still. It pisses me off.

Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to keep me away from NYCC! Lol
It’s just not fun anymore.
And believe me, I enjoy a crowded popular con any time. But NYCC for me got to a point that it’s no fun crowded. It’s just overrated.
The past 2 years I only went and had fun because I was working!

This year I’m not working! And dressing up is just too much of a hassle . I don’t want to drive in costume. There’s no place to change… The room NYCC offers us (501st) ended up being a public dressing room and my friend got her stuff stolen last year. It sucks.
So not dressing up for me either.

But it did break my heart the fact that for the first time in 4 years I was going to miss the walking dead panel!
For me, that’s the ONLY cool thing at NYCC!

So I made a deal with a friend who had an extra tkt!
He needed an Imperial Officer’s hat, and I needed a tkt! Lol
I don’t do commissions you know?
And I hate when I feel trapped by friends to make them stuff!
It’s really not a matter of money because they all offer to pay (I have good friends)
But I won’t get in details on that now.

But this ended up being a good deal!
I made 2 hats because my friend never measured his head :/
One is medium the other one is large. Which ever I have left will be on sale! $30!!!! But there’s already 3 people interested! Lol




So this was my weekend!!!! 🙂


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