DragonCon- the final day!

For me that is!!!
What can I say besides that this is insane!
Crazy huge!
People party way too much at night and then no one wakes up early in the morning!
I stayed up at the dance party/rave until 4am and still woke up at 7:45! O.o
What the hell is wrong with me???

I was bored out of my mind until 9ish then I took off on my own! I can’t sleep at cons! That’s just how it is!

My friends and I took the day to see everything we didn’t see all weekend and that pretty much meant everything else besides the lobbies at the Marriott and the Hyatt!

The artist alley was in a building 2 blocks away! O.o
And one of the rooms had a huge line to get in! TO GET IN! TO GO SHOPPING!!! WTF??????

And the heat! Holy crap the freaking heat! :/

I don’t want to be one to complain too much! But one of the things I enjoy about cons is really not having to deal with the weather outside in costume!
And at DC it’s just impossible!
Absolutely impossible!
I thought I was going to pass out outside wearing my Tiana! My fake eyelashes got loose… That’s how freaking hot it was!

I wonder how many of those people walking around at dragon con actually opened their mouths to complain about celebration happening in Orlando in august!
I mean! Yes! August in Orlando is brutal! But anyone could go about days without actually stepping outside! I know I did! Just my cae in for mcdonalds coffee that actually for me outside on the 3rd day!
But at dragon con you got no choice!
You gotta go outside.

Oh well! What can we do right?!? Nothing! So we melt! Cause DC is a super fun con! Not gonna deny it!







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