Dragon con – Saturday

Damn it was a bitch to wake up!
😦 from Thursday to Friday I literally. I might have slept for 3 hours.
Then I walked all day and parties all night I till around 4am.

But Saturday is the day of the famous dragon con parade, and I was marching as robin with my friends ruby and Jenn (batman and batgirl)

Now… Let me tell you something!
That thing is huge! So many people watching it, so many people marching in it!!!
It was amazing!!!!



I even got to sit down inside the speed racer car!!!!



After the parade I got Tiana on.
I still need to figure out how to keep the sides of the wig on. :/ they just lift it up!!! :/
The Disney shoot was pretty badly organized but still it was fun (taking the heat away that is because that was not fun!)

As soon as I was walking the con floor to find my way to the photoshoot I found another Tiana and a shadow man! Yeeeey


It was soooo hot though, and all those layers!
Btw, I need to figure out a better situation with the petticoat and stuff. I just can’t walk without stepping on it.





I looooved those stairs and the whole look at the place!!! So cool!

And after that,I was sooo hot and sweaty I went back to the room, showered and decided to be a sexy TK!





The best part of the day, probably the whole weekend, was meeting actor Tony Curran!!! He played Vincent Van Gogh on an episode of Doctor Who, and now played Datak Tarr on Defiance.
He called me and my friend Neil who was dressed up as a sandtrooper, to take a pic with us!
He is awesome and I got to have my fan girl moment telling him how much I LOVE his Van Gogh!

And if you think I was done dressing up for the day???? WROOOONG!
Hahah even tho it was a mixture of regular clothes and costumes!
I wore the superman corset I made last weekend!


Then that was it! But it was a looooong night!


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