Dragon Con! My first day!

Let me tell you one thing!

And WOW!
I am highly overwhelmed. I have never seen anything this big before. I mean! I hear people saying it was big, but this is beyond what I imagined!


This is the lobby area at the Marriott, the hotel we stayed. Can you believe this?!? It was this packed every day. Day and night! A little less during the day but pretty much like that! People just walking around, or posing for pictures.
So many good costumes! Amazing ones as well! Crazy mashups, like Star Wars disney princesses, and Star Wars pulp fiction.
A lot of bad ones too! It seems to me party city costumes are becoming epidemic. They are everywhere :/
And also naked people.
I said in my fb! I don’t consider underwear a costume. They all looked cute and hot. But that’s not a costume.


The first costume I were aty first dragon con was my new poison ivy.

I had only worn it once before, and felt very self conscious. But at d*c where everyone seemed to be more naked than covered… It seemed appropriate.


I guess I’m still not too comfortable in that costume because I didn’t even take a full body pic of myself. O.o
And I’m not looking for it hahaa
Oh well! Lol





I joined ruby, heather and Suki on the Gotham photoshoot!
It was sooo hot it was great to be half naked! Haah

After that, I wasn’t going to wear anything. I wanted to walk around a bit and that’s what we did for a whole. But my poison ivy boots killed my feet so much even my regular boots were killing me. Soooo I had an idea.
I brought my ctg cheerleader outfit and it was the only one I could wear sneakers with! Yeeeeey hooray!
I didn’t even care if no one would get it.
Although, all 501st that saw it, got it right away!!!!





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