Let’s sew

There is a bunch of things I want to finish for dragon con!

But some of them, I just had to be realistic and make peace with the fact I can’t finish it in time.

The new Wonder Woman! I wanted to wear it sooo badly at dragon con, but… The fabric for the bottom didn’t work out! My plan B for it didn’t work out either, so I went with a plan C! A sort of mix and match of pieces of the old and the new versions! Let’s see.

I also got a better fabric for the white petals on my Tiana dress. I have always wanted to get the bridal satin instead of the regular cheap star satin! But when I was buying the fabric I spent $30 a yard on the green one and decided to save up some cash by getting the cheap satin. I has to compromise. I knew that sooner or later I would update those parts.

It didn’t look bad with the cheaper fabric. At least I think it didn’t. But it would definitely look much better with the nicer one. It always does. Isn’t it the secret of a good costume anywhere???

So yeah! I spent $100 bucks on more fabric for the updates. I cut all the petals, sewn them together…

And then, instead of finishing everything by attaching them to the dress.. NOOOOO! I decided to do something else! Hahah

A while ago I’ve seen this pretty cute corset online. It was like a shirt opening up on the chest and revealing the superman sign on it! Sooo adorable!
I always wanted to try and make one!
I had even bought a men’s button up shirt to try to reproduce the corset but I never has time or the motivation to do it!
Well! Motivation hit me on the head when I was working on the petals. So I started working on the corset, planning to wear it at dragon con!




I do have a lot of commercial patterns for corsets! I still even have the one I used for my Wonder Woman costume, which I love, but somehow I was not happy with any of them and making alterations to fit what I intended to do ended up being a lot more work! So I drafted my own pattern using my trusty dressform, Coco!


Mockup looked good and fit Coco perfectly! So I went on to make the real thing!


Mr. McDreamy was pretty impressed! Lol





I have to confess! I was pretty impressed on how it looked just like the original! I don’t even know who made the original one because all I found were posts on Pinterest, and I never followed the trail to find out where the original post came from! I guess I should do it now, so I can give the person proper credit, right?!

I just love how it came out! I can’t wait to wear it at Dragon Con! I think I’m going to get me some Clark Kent glasses as well!


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