i just have to talk about…

GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY!!!! (I know I mainly talk about costumes here but… I just have to… so bear with me!!!)


this whole entire year, this was the only movie I actually wanted to watch. And Divergent, of course!!!!

but as super heroes movies go, I wasn’t even interested in Captain America. I haven’t even seen it yet! Or Thor. I haven’t even watched the first one yet. (I fell asleep 3 times trying to watch it, in 3 different days, then I gave up!)

But Guardians… I have waited for this movie very patiently since Michael Rooker got the part! (he plays Yondu)

If you know me well, you know I have a mighty crush on Mr Sexy Rooker! So big of a crush that HE knows it!!!! (I mean… I did forget my name when he asked me!!!! so yep! he knows!!!!)

I confess I didn’t know much about the Guardians! I’ve seen pictures online many times, mostly when I was researching super heroes. and I had seen Gamora many times (I don’t really like her comic book costume, which makes me sooooo freaking greatful for the people that design the costumes for movies. Glad they stayed really far away from her comic version) but besides that I knew nothing!

I bought GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY: LEGACY a few months back, and might have read 3 pages of it (i’m not a big fan of Warlock and every time he speaks in the comics I fall asleep hahah) so I went to the movies knowing very little, close to nothing about this band of heroes.

Also, I am really sorry to say this but even though I was super excited about this movie (mainly because of Rooker) I have VERY low expectations for it… because of James Gunn. Nothing personal, really, but honestly… what has he done? I don’t even know! besides SLITHER that is. and I HATE that movie. So… how could I expect anything?!?!

There were so many things I thought could go wrong on this movie!!!!

Rocket Raccon was one of them!

first, I already thought having a Racoon as super hero was pretty silly to begin with (before I read the comics that it) and I thought depending how that was approached for a movie… it could end p being pretty ridiculous!

imagesWhat an amazing surprise!!!!!!!

Rocket was PRETTY DARN COOL! everything about this movie was an amazing surprise!!!! REALLY!!!!!

Great characters, amazing action! Soooo funny!!!! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in a super hero movie!! and the references to so much pop culture… the Footlose story was too funny!! And John Stamos in the list of bad guys?!?! hahah I have no idea why, but funny! And the soundtrack??? So Awesome!!!!

guardians-galaxy-nebula-karen-gillanAnother nice surprise, for me at least, was to see sweet sweet Amy Pond, as bad ass villain Nebula! and she rocked it! and of course I cant just NOT mention her outfit and make up! that was pretty cool!

I almost wish I was bald and could pull this costume off!!!!

guardians-of-the-galaxy-new-set-pictures (1)

Rooker ended up being on screen much more than I expected, which was also a nice surprise, and not to mention HE is the one who saves the hero at one point (no spoilers so I won’t say anything else)

For a while now I can’t really watch any movie without paying close attention to costumes and makeup, and one that really caught my attention was Drax’. It’s not really the costume, but the marking’s on his body. I spent a great amount of time wondering how they made that and how long it took to make him look like Drax every day! oh and Drax is funny! the bit with the finger on the throat was just too funny!


guardians-of-the-galaxy-the-collector-tanaleer-tivan-benicio-del-toroAnd talking about costumes!!! I can’t wait to see the Collector at cons! just because it’s such a fun, over the top costume!!! I can’t wait to see people’s versions of it!!!! And Benicio DelToro looked pretty… hahahah well!!!! you can see it for yourself! haha

And now… let’s just say it! GROOT! who ever thought a character… a tree actually… that speaks only one sentence throughout the WHOLE movie could be so awesome!?! The BEST actually! I just love Groot and I never thought a tree and a raccoon could end up being the most badass duo EVER!!!!


They are!!! and Rooker can forgive me but they were my favorite!!! Groot especially!!!!

I stayed all the way to the end of the credits, as we all know it is a Marvel movie tradition to have so quick, but awesome, after credits scene. well this time was a waste of time. I know some people who have enjoyed the “nod to an old marvel character”, but I just thought it was stupid. I got used to, and learned to expect, something that will introduce a movie coming out soon, related to this marvel super hero universe they have been working so hard to create! Like Thanos at the end of the Avengers… you know??? oh Lord! how disappointing. Very disappointing! everybody that stayed on the theater seemed to not like it as I could hear most of them complaining.

But… the little scene right before the credits!!! COME ON!!! that was the best!! even better than the beaten up heroes eating shawarma!!!


I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!!! if the don’t come out with a dancing baby groot soon, I am going to be very mad!!!!!!!


Well… this post is too long already!!! And I have pretty much declared my love for Guardians already, so I am going to end it here! I hope you guys have enjoyed the movIe as much as I did, and if you haven’t seen it yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!

But before I go… I have to say this!!! hahah not complaining… really not complaining because I LOVE Sean Gunn! he is one funny actor!!!!

but… let’s be honest here!!! I am SURE Sean got some extra close ups in this movie because he is James Gunn’s little brother!!!!! hahaha



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