Costume making ADHD????

Am I the only one who has it?????
I’m in the middle of working in a costume then I get sidetracked with the idea of another one!
And if I get to save enough money to start buying stuff for the next one (yes! Because! Instead of going on stuff like kickstarter, or Gofundme, or whatever, assuming people out there will pay for MY costumes, I actually WORK! And save up MY money! And make what I can afford! And if I can’t afford it I wait! Then save up some more! But that’s just me! If people like to just go online and beg strangers for money for costumes… Who am I to say anything!?!)

Sooooo if I save up enough money to start buying stuff! Then that’s IT! I get totally distracted and want to work on the next one! :/

I am in the middle of my Wonder Woman #2, and still have to sew a bunch of beads on the update of version 1! Right? Right?
I got enough money to buy all the last things I need for a new costume for RICC! I already had fabric pieces and gloves, hat etc! All I needed was body paint! Prosthetics! Contact lenses!

And now! I got it all!
It’s soooo sooo freaking exciting that I just want to start working on it!
But I should probably work on my wonder women first! Right? Right!!!!
But… But…. I just can’t stop thinking of the other one! And all those super cool stuff I get to work with, that I never did before! Like prosthetics!

Oh my lord! Body paint! How super exciting is that!!!!!!

But Wonder Woman :S

See? I just can’t concentrate in only one thing!

And in the mean time I’ll just stare at this load of exciting goods while I decide which costume I’m gonna work on next!!!


OMG it’s soooo awesome!!!!


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