Originality you say???

So! What’s that????
Sometimes I wonder! Because I hear people saying that a lot about costumes these days on the con floor!
What does it mean to be original?!?
Doing something NO ONE else does just to be unique?
Ok! I get that and I do not disagree!

But… What if this costume that no one else does is not where your HEART is?!?
You still have to do it for the sake if being “original”????

Let’s face it peoples! This hobby is NOT cheap! It involves money, lots of time and hard work if you make your own stuff and just doesn’t commission it!
We all know that!

Because of that huge commitment I tend to chose my costumes based in what I love! Despite the fact that I may find 100000000 of the same costume on the con floor!

Who cares?

I don’t!!!! Because that’s what I love! I’m not going to spend money and time on some obscure costume no one ever seen just so some people can find me original!
I rather do what I love and I hope people out there can do the same without giving in to peer pressure.
It’s our money and our time and our costumes!
If you want to be the 193736277181th Spider-Man at comic con?!? Why not???

If we think if it deeper none of us are originals at all anyways! Unless we create our own characters, design its own costume… Then you are an original in the best sense of the word!!!! 😉

We should all do things for ourselves, and not because of how people are going to judge us! Not just in costuming, but in life!!!!

So go! Be happy! Make what you love! And Ill be here, working on my SECOND Wonder Woman costume and one of 182636171891836362716181981626161 at a con! Because I love her! ❤


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