I love you WORBLA!!!

Soooo worbla is just awesome!!!!
Like seriously cool!!!!

If you don’t know what worbla is, it’s this thermoplastic thingie! (Sorry for the very technical terms hahah)
It comes in sheets of different a sizes and you can find a link to buy it here!
The worbla gets soft when heated and you can pretty much do anything with it!!!

This is a very lazy explanation of what’s worbla! Hahah but check it out on the website and you will understand it better!!!

I’m loving working with it because finally I get to make an armor like Wonder Woman!!!
I started months ago and made some patterns, cut the foam, etc etc.
And this weekend I decided to at least finish it all!



I got this chocolate mold on amazon and it’s perfect for the stars! But then I made a mistake of putting the worbla in the mold without covering it up with something. I COULDN’T GET IT OUT!!!
So i tried again, this time covering the mold with a piece of plastic. Voi la! Easy peasy! (Oh if you heat up little scraps of worbla it sort of turns into something like play dough. That’s what I put in the mold!)

I had made a tiara before using 2 pieces of worbla with the foam in the middle. And I also made it longer, almost wrapping around my head. It was too long and too thick. Sooooo I made a new one!!!



The belt came up a bit bigger than I actually wanted but in the end I’m sticking with it. I made a little mistake on the top and may need the belt to cover it up IF I can’t fix it!!!!!




I had made the eagle with craft foam a long time ago. I had also “sculpted” the center of the bird that is raised on the chest plate. I figured I would form the craft foam and worbla in too of it! But when I sat down to really think about it, it wouldn’t work.
So I made a new Eagle out of foam. Then I glued the sculpted part on the center of it with hot glue, then I glued the stripe pieces (that would give that effect of ittle gap lines on it) over the whole thing!!!
Worked perfectly!!!!


Then the tedious part of covering everything with gesso!

I’m using the gesso to help out make it smooth. I hope it works cause it’s a lot of boring work!
I am not even sure how many layers of gesso I have to give it. So far I’ve done 4!
I may just give another 2 or so!
Then it’s sanding sanding sanding! :/

Mac was not impressed with me working all weekend. Hahah
Isn’t he cute?


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