Happy 4th!!!!!

Anyone doing anything this weekend????
I am!
Staying home and sewing!!!!

What?!? That’s something!!!! Lol
At least for me it is!!!!! šŸ˜€

I usually like to stay home because of the fireworks! I don’t want to leave my puppy alone!

And due to many many reasons (all fun exciting ones) I decided to dress up at ComiCONN this August, so I relaxed a bit with my Wonder Woman projects and decided to make myself some cute geeky tops to wear at the con!!!!
Because let’s face it! I am sure my con friends might be tired already of seeing me in blackmilk!!!! Lol (LOVE BLACKMILK!!!!!)

First!!! Super Heroes! How cool is this fabric???? I found it at walmart!






And a little bow to match!!!

Mr Mac got all jealous that I gave the sewing machine more attention than I gave him hahaha



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