Wizard World Philly – 2014

I know I may have said this before many times but! Here is the deal!
Philly is one if my favorite cons!
For many many reasons!

It’s ALWAYS fun! They always have great guests! Most of my Con family is there so I get to see them all! The venue is great! The hotel is awesome! The parties are fun! An the con is BIG! But not super overwhelming!

The funny thing this year is that I basically spent more time out of costume than in costume! That’s a first for me! Lol
I brought 3 but ended up wearing just one!

Tiana all day Saturday! Unfortunately a good chunk of the day was spent getting ready (damn that takes forever) and in lines!
3 long excruciating painful hours in line for Matt Smith’s autograph 😦
I hate doing these things in costume! Even the easy ones! But with all the issues that happened with lines and stuff, I had no other choice!

I probably never mentioned this before, but this costume is PRETTY HEAVY. And with the new petticoat, it’s even heavier. I am guessing between 6 and 8 lbs. :S
I was dumb tho! I didn’t foresee some issues and I do believe foreseeing issues that can happen on the con floor is part of costume design. But I missed this one big time.
This petticoat is tied up with a string! I tied it up nicely and tight, but it was still comfortable! I didn’t think about the weight of the dress on it! The dress pulled the petticoat down a little bit and string literally cut into my skin on my waist. 😦
I couldn’t sit down. I couldn’t do anything, and after a while getting that autograph was a matter of honor! Otherwise the whole pain I endured until then would have been for nothing! It hurt soooo much!

I swear I thought Tiana was trying to kill me! 😦
After standing in line for 3 hours I had to rush to the costume contest and probably stood on another like for around 2 more hours! :/
It was rough!
I got bruises on my waist and the right side hasn’t stopped hurting yet!
This is literally a tears and blood kind of hobby isn’t it???

But I guess it ends up being all worth it!
Matt personalized my picture although he wasn’t doing it! We got to chat a bit and he even spoke a little Portuguese! 🙂
And in the contest!!!! This happened!


I was soooooo nervous I looked absolutely stupid on stage! Had no courage to look at the judges like a normal person and my voice barely came out when the judges asked me questions!
So not me!
I wasn’t expecting the contest to be sooooo big like it was. I ALMOST died when we finally got into the room and it was huge and PACKED, and all the cameras and stuff!! I swear! I almost gave up! I don’t even understand WHY I didn’t walk away! Hahaha

But I’m glad I went through it! It was fun! And worth it!
And this costume was sooooo much work, and still is (getting ready IS a pain) and it’s soooo heavy… It was nice to have people admiring and recognizing all that hard work!!!!

Thank you Philly and wizard world for another unbelievable weekend!!!!!!


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