Wonder Women

Yes! WOMEN! Plural!
Cause you know I am obsessed. Lol
I may even make another one after I finish this one! Why not right????

So I spent the whole weekend sitting on my ass sewing since Friday night! Well i did take my dog to the vet Saturday at 5pm, then Sunday I did run to the grocery store to get paper towel! ( most necessary item in a household where dogs use wee wee pads lol) but besides that, seriously! On. My. Ass. Sewing. 🙂

I started Friday night redesigning the eagle on Lynda Carter’s version, or as I like to call it: v1.0
I made this costume 4 years ago and I knew that the eagle was not exactly how I wanted. Since then I have been saving pictures of details of that part and now, that all the boning are coming out of my corset lol I decided to make a new one! Not just redo the eagle but make a new corset all together. Which I finished last week. This one is more like a real corset instead of a fashion one (first time I used spiral an steel boning on a corset!
It’s heavy! Lol
I’m also going to try to lace it properly! Let’s see how it will work!
Anyways. I don’t have that many pics of the corset construction, cause I worked on it at night after work when my phone is basically dead hahah but here is one pic! The red is also a bit darker and nicer fabric! Not shiny satin like the old one!


Oh and that’s the penguin!!! Naaah the center if the eagle. Hopefully with the feathers it won’t look so much like a penguin! 🙂

I drew the whole eagle and then based in the pics I had I separated feather by feather and drew them. I used a stabilizer under the gold lame because I intend to sew beads in it!
And that was all I did Friday night! Cause it took forever and I worked on it until 2am.

Then Saturday I worked on v2.0 remember I was stuck on the cups right! I never knew cups on a corset could be so difficult!!! :/ probably it’s because it’s my own pattern hahah and I messed it up when drafting the boobie area! Haha oh well!
Then on my 5th attempt I decided to take the cups off of a bra. Just the cups! Not the wire and stuff. And also instead of sewing like right side together then flipping clipping all that! I decided to sew the cup over it! Does it make sense?
Well it did to me and it worked!



The top front and back (and lining) took me all Saturday! :/ wish I was fast like everybody at project runway! 😦
And Sunday I worked on the cups and boning channels.


I also made the bottom but they are too big. Because the fabric is not as soft as the top it can’t be big at all it it will look weird! :/ so now I have to trim it where it needs to. Mostly crotch lol
I forgot to take pics of it! :/

And!!! When I was done for the night last nigh I realized I may not even bring it to Philly with me!
Not because I may not finish it, but because… I got tkts for Saturday and Sunday! Right? I usually don’t dress up on Sundays cause it’s too much!
I’m bringing Tiana, which takes me forever to get into so it’s not the kind of costume I’d wear for just half a day!
Which means…. I’ll wear it Saturday all day! Then… That’s it!
I’ll still bring my new poison ivy and robin! But probably won’t have time to wear either!
Oh well!
I guess it will be a princess kind of wizard world! 😛


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