Holy freaking crap!!!!!
Every year I don’t buy tkts for Wizard World Philadelphia in advance. I did once and when I got there the line for people that pre bought it was huuuuuge!!!! So I never did it again!!!!

BIG MISTAKE this year and I was this close to not having tkts at all!!!! 😦
You know???? It’s all Matt Smith’s fault! Like! Seriously!!!!!
Since they announced he will be in Philly tkts are flying out the window, door, everything!!!!

So if you are planning on going get your tkts as fast as you can. Saturday is almost sold out. And there are no more 4 day passes (which were cheaper than buying individual days even if you were not planning on going all 4 days!)

See y’all in Philly!!!!!!

(Btw, I am well aware of how silly it is that the scariest thing that happened to me in a long while was not having tkts for a comic book convention!!!! Lol yep! I am also well aware that life is pretty darn good when all I have to worry about are wizard world tkts!!!!! Yep! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!)


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