Who’s lazy???

Damn people! I have been so freaking lazy! I did not imagine that doing 12 cons in a year (2013) would burn me out! But I guess it did!! I have been mighty lazy lately and enjoying my weekends without an agenda. Haven’t done that in a while! For the past (almost) 5 years weekends have been basically super busy with work, costume work, events or conventions!
So it’s been super nice to just do nothing! And on some weekends that actually meant nothing! AT ALL! Just a good book and my puppy to snuggle! πŸ™‚

But now, of course, I am freaking out! We are basically less than 3 weeks away from Wizard World Philadelphia, one of my favorite shows EVER!!!!
And I have absolutely NOTHING new to bring! Besides Tiana of course, since she was not ready for it in time last year!

I gave up on having jasmine for it! The way I am planning on making the details on the fabric will take me FOREVER! And honestly I don’t want to compromise my idea just for the sake if having it ready at a certain date!

So I’m concentrating on the new Wonder Woman (the Jeff Chapman version) And remaking the corset of my old one!
Why 2 you may ask? Why 2 Wonder Woman costumes???? Cause Wonder Woman is awesome! And if I could I would have all versions of it! Besides I got 2 Poison Ivies, remember???? Why not 2 Wonder Women?????

So let me update you on the progress so far!!!
I’m trying my hand at drafting the pattern in my own! That’s why it was pretty important to get a dressform that could match my measurement as close as possible!



Very Project Runway like, right????
After getting that done, I transferred everything to paper, added seam allowance and made a mock up!
I hate mockups! They are like a necessary annoyance. :/
Everything seemed fine in the mockup even tho I didn’t do it completely, like putting the grommets and lacing it up!
But then I ran into a boobie problem!
Oh lord.
The cup part of it will basically be hidden under the chest armor but still! It can’t be all wonky right?
But it is!


Doing like this made it too weird! So I used a bra to try it again!


It looked really good like that right????
But then!!!! I got lazy! And took like… A week break from working on it!
When I sat down to start working on the lining, I might have mixed up the pieces! And it just did not work as before!
The way this is going I won’t have it ready for Wizard World at all! 😦 and this is pissing me off a lot! 😦
I’m planning on sitting on my ass this whole freaking weekend to work on it!
Fingers crossed!


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