Dress form Make over

Like every time I have something stuck in my mind, I researched about it! ENDLESSLY! Almost like an obsession!
And I found a solution!

A big, amazing makeover!!!!

First! Covering the dials and gaps with quilt batting!


My dog Mac had the most fun with the batting! Lol
Second step was to fix the boobs! Lol and Coco got a bra!

I also had to stuff the bra a bit just to make shape! But because Coco and I already matched in size, adding the bra and the stuffing made her bigger. I had to put all the bust dials back to zero and take some of the stuffing out to get her to match me again!

After that I fixed the waist! I had again to turn the dials down because the batting added some inches, but at least that weird waist was not only my size (without messing up the hips) but it also looked a little more like mine!

Then I had a problem! The top of the waist batting kind of got a bit smoother by being tucked in on the waist/back joint. But the bottom?!? It looked weird!
To smooth that out I added a layer of batting to the hips and sewed it up to the waist batting!
Well! I had to turn the dial all the way down again to compensate for the added size by the batting!
Oooh how ironic! Now most of the dials were turned down and the gaps were almost gone! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

And the last step! Covering Coco with a nicer cover! Nicer color too!
I picked a nice light grey stretch jersey with some patterns on it. Very pretty!
See through, so I double it up!


I basically just draped over Coco, front and back, pinned them as close as I could, the. Stretched it out, front and back, smoothing out all kinks, and making it as tight as it could be!
I put a cord on the bottom to tie it up (easy way out if I need to take it off as well) and then made a little pin cushion on the top!

I love it!
She looks mighty pretty, is as close in Size with me as she can ever get!
I can’t wait to work on her!!!!



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