Adjusting the adjustable dressform

So!!! She arrived!!! My ugly but adorable dressform arrived!
I can’t tell you how excited I was when she finally got home! Sure! You professional people must be laughing cause oh well it’s just a silly cheap form, that doesn’t even compare to your fancy professional ones! And yep! You may be right! BUT! Still! This is just my hobby! A hobby that I love and have so much fun!!!!! But still! Just a hobby! An it doesn’t justify paying so much money for a dressform!
Which makes the adjustable one PERFECT for me and my needs!

Anyhoooooo! Coco was home! 😊 yep! I was looking for a name! Was going to call her Lola, my show girl! Lol but a friend on FB suggested Coco, as in Coco Chanel! SO PERFECT!

Everything about the dressform is simple! And yep! She is a bit cheap looking! But for 99 bucks… Come on!!! She was more than perfect! And it’s not like she’s gonna have a hard tough life! She just needs to stand there and be pinned! Lol
She is definitely not as wobbly as people said in their reviews! the one I already had is sooo much worse she couldn’t stand up when I put my Tiana dress on her 😖
Setting up the dials is super easy! And yep! The dials are made of plastic, but at least to me they didn’t seem so breakable like some people said they were!
She had a little piece stuck inside of her and it was kind of hard to get it out, but at first I thought the piece was missing! Sooooo relived it wasn’t that I didn’t care that I almost ripped my fingers and hand opened trying to get it out of her! Lol

The Dritz Sew You has a combination of dials and disks to adjust her! She can be adjusted on the neck, bust, waist, hips and back length. The back length is adjusted by a wing but inside of her! Oh she also has a hem marker that I still have no idea how to use! Lol

For starters her neck is bigger than mine! Lol by 2 inches! So there was not much I could do about it! Lol
I read in some places that you have to follow a crazy order to adjust a dressform like that, but I don’t remember where, so I just went for it and hoped for the best.

It was not difficult at all!
She has the dials on the front and the disks on sides and back! You can use both of them to achieve the measurements you want. The disks are a bit hard to turn but that’s obviously because I have no strength on my hands and fingers! Lol
I used a piece of fabric to help me turn them and I found turning them on the inside was easy!

Bust size, back length, hips were all very easy!
Waist was a problem! A little one but still!
Here is the thing, where the whole “not everybody is shaped like a dressform”. She has very accentuated waist! And I don’t. When when I got her waist super close in size with mine, the hips measurement changed! She basically had this “indentation” on her wait that I don’t have!

2 other things bothered me! Coco ended up with the EXACT bust size as me! But her boobs are shaped completely different. Sort of flatfish. And mine aren’t!

Although much of the measurements were not so different than how she was completely closed up, she still ended up with those gaps. Especially on the hips and waist 😳 I definitely didn’t like that!
How do you use the designer tape to do some draping if she has gaps there?!? How about the dials?!? What if I need to pin that area????

Oh and the color! That also bothered me!

So Coco was up and almost perfect, looking at me! But I put my brain to work on some ideas cause I was not 100% happy with her just yet!


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