My new dressform!

Since I started sewing and making my own costumes 4 years ago, I’ve had a dressform!

I bought a cheap one on EBay for $39 bucks! She was as close to my measurements as I could find, but still was a bit off!
At some areas she was too small and in some areas she was too big!
I got used to make up for those differences as I sewed and when using patterns it didn’t really make that much difference anyways!

But I got a bit tired of it lately! Of course!

I have been researching for a long time and decided to get a adjustable one.

But here is the thing I’ve learned! A GOOD, PROFESSIONAL dressform is SUPER EXPENSIVE! From $600 and more!
It just makes no sense to me to invest so much money like that in one just for my hobby!

So I decided to get one that is a step up from the one I already have, but that would kill my wallet!

For months I have been reading reviews on the adjustable ones and thinking which one would be the best for me. Most reviewers complained the adjustable ones were nice BUT some considered them cheap looking, wobbly, easily breakable (dials and stuff) and most of all that was still almost impossible to get it to match your size precisely! (Well that can happen even with the most expensive ones unless you get it custom made to your measurements.

After looking everywhere I decided to buy a Dritz Sew You that was on sale on Amazon! Actually I decided on a Dritz Twin Fit, also on sale on amazon for $110 or so, but the size small sold out and amazon had no idea when they would have back in stock! (That’s what happens when you take too long to make up your mind!)

So I got the Sew You for $99! Free 2day shipping with Prime!
At first I was going to buy it at Joann’s. I figured I’d get a 50% off coupon and get a good deal! But Amazon was much cheaper, much better deal with free shipping and all!


I thought she was gray! But she isn’t! She is green! A very ugly green! Even uglier than that picture!!! But I still love her! 😊
She was super easy to adjust but I will talk about that on another post!

Happy sewing people!


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