2 posts in one day!!!

That’s great isn’t it!?!?!

By the way it was one of my resolutions… not really new years though, to write more in this blog! i’m sure not that many people care if I do it or don’t do it, but I love to look back and see how the process of constructing a costume went.

I started a regular paper journal, to document it, and also document the cons and events I attend… but it didn’t work out! I don’t even know where I put it! lol

anyways!!! this is my second post in one day because I figured this day deserves a picture of me AT RICC last year!!!!


That’s Will on the picture with me!!!

He has a amazing Hercules from the Disney movie!!! that’s how I met him! I just ran after him and yelled



and if you know me in person you know I  squeaked very loudly when I said that!!!!!

This was taken at the KidsCon area at RICC!!! we were both “supehero-ing” for the kids!!!

such a fun day!!!! =)

Oh anyways! =) I think it’s picture is very appropriate appropriate for the day!!!




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