another snow day

More snow!

Yep! I am not joking! This is by far the worst winter since I moved to the USA. not just the snow, but the cold as well! And to be completely honest with you, on these super cold or snowy days I am so thankful for 1- my puppy Mac! he is just the cutest buddy ever and keep me company at all times! and 2- costuming! seriously!!! I just love this hobby. It keeps my mind and hands occupied on days like this and I am very happy to be snowed in!!!!!

Especially now that I have tons of things to work on!!!!

I still didn’t officially give myself a deadline because on the past 2 years that did not work out very well!!! In 2012, I wanted to finish my stormtrooper by Wizard World Philadelphia! Didn’t work! But it was finished by ComiCONN, where I debuted it. In 2013 I wanted to finish my Tiana lilypad dress also for Philadelphia and again I wasn’t able to do it, even though for a second year in a row I sacrificed many Saturdays out, and even events with my garrison! And one more time I finished in time for ComiCONN in august where I debuted it!

So this year… I started a bit earlier, in the hopes I will be able to finish before Philly. But… well this time I am working with 2 costumes at once!

But since I didn’t get to wear Tiana last year in Philly, if I cant finish either costume I wont be upset!!!!

anyways… enough with the blah blah blah and let me show you what I worked on today!

It was draft/drawing day! Yep!

I will be making basically everything from scratch, even Jasmine necklace! And earrings.


Pretty huh??? I know I am not going to EVER find anything remotely close to that… and I really don’t want to use something “similar”, so I am going to try to make it! I haven’t figure out yet all the details on “how” but I will be using worbla and plastic jewels. But before I decide on how to make all those little details, I drew a pattern for it!

It’s pretty simple and I was very happy with it on the first go!


20140216-185510.jpg  20140216-185533.jpg

I also made the top parts of the necklace but I forgot to take pictures!!! lol


Next, I drew Wonder Woman’s tiara and breast plate eagle! Again, easy peasy designs!




Well, that was all for today!!! I was sort of excited to also practice with my new darning presser foot for my sewing machine, but then I got distracted playing computer games! hahaha Oh well!!!! what can I say??? hahaha I did though, draw all the separate pieces for the eagle. it’s hard to explain without pictures but I will need to cut separate sections of it on the craft foam to give the details necessary! so, yeah… I cut those too! =P

More tomorrow people!!! 😉


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