And so… It begins! WIP – Princess Jasmine

Snow day AGAIN in my neck of the woods!!! I was supposed to go to work, but then the storm got worse! Good for Jasmine, I guess!!!! =) So I finally sat down to work on it.

  20140213-173756.jpg     20140213-173744.jpg

See those boobs thingies over there??? I found those in NYC last weekend. they are those bra padding stuffs!!! since the beginning I was planning on making Jasmine’s top over a bra. It would make things easier and best of all give me the right support! =P But then I saw this guy! (should I say these? cause it’s one boob, two boobs??? lol)

so I decided to get it and use it for the top!!!!



Well… to tell you the truth… I didn’t quite realize that when working on this top, that I would be staring at Jasmine”s boobs all day!!!! hahahah


I pinned the muslin on the padding, then traced it on the back. I made some little changes to get something closer to the shape of her top!


I am absolutely in love with this blue jewel!!!! it makes this thing look good even when it’s nothing more than a piece of fabric pinned on a piece of foam!!! lol


My puppy Mac wasn’t very impressed!!!! hahaha he napped half of the day, and the other half he barked at the snow! lol oh fun!!!! lol


these are the back straps! the tittle of this picture is THE POWER OF THE IRON! hahahaha no seriously!!!!! I think part of the secret of sewing beautiful pieces is ironing the shit out of it! =D

20140213-173906.jpg         20140213-173914.jpg

And so there it is!!!! I basically spent all day measuring, pinning, drawing, measuring, pinning some more, measuring, cutting, measuring, sewing, measuring!!!!! and this is what I got! it fits beautifully! and I pinned the trim just to have an idea!!!! I may be 2″ too short of the trim which is going to suck big time because I cant go back to the city any time soon =( I’m gonna have to make it work somehow…

This weekend ill be working on the mockup for the pants and hopefully I can get the darning presser foot for my sewing machine so I can star working on the pattern.

in the mean time I am wondering if I should try to make the wig, or if I should buy it. they are pretty expensive! =/


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