Happy New Year!!!

Holy Mother of time passing too fast!!!

it’s freaking February and I haven’t said one word in this blog yet this year!!!!! so here are my first words: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful 2014 so far!!! I am! Lazy and relaxed!

Seriously! After that crazy busy (and super fun) end of the year I had, it just feels so nice to be at home on the weekends doing nothing!

But now, after 2 months of a well deserved break, it’s time to buckle down and work on a few costumes!!!!

I have a couple in mind that I would love to work on this year! Especially 3!

A new version of wonder woman! I saw this artist work, his name is Jeff Chapman. I’m not really sure how well known his work is, but all I know is that I LOVED his wonder woman! all of them!!! and everything about them! so I picked one and that will be my new version. I already ordered some worbla to make the armored pieces (tiara, belt, and bracelets) but I still can’t find the fabric. I want leather! Sure! it’s a costume based on a art piece, and I know I could take some liberties and everything. But it looks like leather, and I absolutely loved that look! I’m going to the fashion district next Saturday to look for it and hopefully I will find something. Cause there is one thing I have learned about fabric! if you can’t find it anywhere… you will find at the Fashion District! probably it will be pretty expensive as well =S

The second costume I’ like to have ready by Wizard World Philadelphia (oh how I am glad it’s in the middle of June instead of the beginning! it gives me 2 extra weeks to work on it and gosh knows I will need it, since the past 2 years I was able to meet my Philly deadline! lol ) is Jasmine! not from the cartoon, but from the park. I love the textures on all Disney Park costumes. That’s why I went through all that freaking trouble with Tiana, and it paid off!!! =) I love that costume! So… Jasmine! Park Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope I can find the right fabrics, and to achieve that look and texture I am planning on layering 2 different ones!!!! Oh and I think NYC will be the best place to find all those trims and stuff!

The third one I feel a bit bad for adding to this list since I haven’t been able to finish my Jinx yet! I just can’t find pants that match the red from the top. =S and I honestly don’t want to make it from the same fabric. It’s just not the best fabric for pants. I would like something a bit more comfortable. hopefully I can find some stretchy material in NYC. the pants and the leather apron are the only things missing on this costume!!!! But… even if I don’t finish this one I really want a female version of Snake Eyes! I have some ideas but need to put them on paper. This one, I can probably have it ready by November… for RICC and SMF! so no rush just yet!

There are a few others I would LOVE to make this year, but i’m not officially adding them to my list yet. if they happen!!! AWESOME!

– Waitress Tiana

– Costume Party Tiana

– and maybe one day…. Aayla Secura!

Well… I guess if I am hoping to have all this ready or somewhat ready to meet my own deadlines I need to stop writing and go work on it!!!! right??? Right!

But I need to do Laundry first…. and take down the Xmas tree! oh lord… I hate taking down the xmas tree! so sad!!!! it’s soooo cute and I love the lights! Makes me depressed!

sooooo see you guys later and hopefully, by then I will be able to tell you the great news I have… but can’t say it just yet!







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