The last Con of the year!

SMF was my last con this year! And that made number 10!
I think this has been the biggest Con year for me and it was awesome!
I am glad to relax a bit since I haven’t stopped one single weekend since the beginning of October!

But like always SMF was amazing! Soooo much fun! Good times! Good friends!!!
The only thing that made me very sad was that it was soooooooo sooooo cold! Too cold to hang around the batmobile! And I brought my robin costume just for that! 😦
Also, of course, as I got there I regretted tremendously that I didn’t finish my Jinx costume!
Now gosh knows when I’m gonna see Snake Eyes again! 😦

But besides that it was great! I judged my first costume contest! So cool!met great people and hung out with good friends!!

I debuted my Poison Ivy costume Friday night during the stand up comedy party! It was cool but I was freezing! The AC in that room was way too high and I ended up not staying to the very end!

Too bad the weekend goes by too fast and after a whole week of PCD I happy to enjoy the time off and work on new costumes!

Research process has started already but I feel like I need to narrow down my list a bit! 10 costumes plus a few little work and fix on some old ones is just too much stuff for a year!!!! 🙂















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