It’s time!!!!

Soooo yes people! Super MegaFest is upon us!!!! Just a couple more days away!!!

Soooo sooooo soooo soooo soooo sooo unbelievably excited to see everybody and hang out and have fun!!!!
I need fun after this sort of sad week! ( it was my last week at my job and although I got a much better job now that I am super happy and excited about, it’s still kind of sad)

Can’t wait to see everybody! I can even list the names of all the friends I can’t wait to see, because there are way too many! And of course I can’t wait to see Ray (Park) he is just so much fun!
Too bad I was not able to finish my Jinx costume in time 😦
But hopefully I will see him again soon! And hopefully he can teach me how to hold those damn swords cause really! I look pathetic holding those things! Lol

But I was able to finish my new poison ivy! It is much sexier than the older version and I’m having a bit of trouble finding courage to wear it in public! Although I LOVE how it came out!
Let’s see what’s gonna happen!
I feel like I HAVE to wear it since all the other costumes I’m bringing I have worn them way too many times this year! (Robin and Wonder Woman) SMF NEEDS a new costume!

I gave up bringing Tiana because it takes such a long time to get into it. And I need to wear robin Saturday! (some pretty cool stuff going on!!!!)
Oh well I guess I need to find the courage!!! 🙂
Here is a little sneak peek! I didn’t want to show too much in case I decide to wear it!


Anyways! So… If you are going to SMF I’ll see you there! If you are not… Uhmm sorry but you will be missing some pretty good times!

Oh and btw… Just for the record! Yes! I am a Cosplayer Guest at Super MegaFest! And sure! That’s pretty cool!
But… I don’t have a table, I do not charge for pictures neither do I sell prints of myself! I will be on the con floor walking around and having fun with my friends and making new ones, because for me… That’s a huge and amazing part of cosplaying!
If we haven’t met yet, just stop me and say hi!
I love to talk! So will be awesome to meet new people!!!

See you there!


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