Super Megafest!

I know there are many many fun cons out there. I am lucky enough to have been to quite a few.
But SMF is special!
I happens every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving in Framingham, MA. It’s a “hotel” con, at the castle looking Sheraton!
It’s small! But because of that, it’s pretty personal! Cozy even!
And the after parties are awesome.
Saturday, even after spending all day long in costume, people still dress up to hang out at he bar. Actually everybody plans special costumes JUST for the bar!

And I basically know everybody that goes there! Which just makes it so much more fun!
For me it’s always the last con of the year and I love to close the con year you a ” golden key”, like we say in Brazil!!!

This year they got some pretty cool guests like Ray Park, Jeremy Bullock, Tom Felton, Barbara Eden, etc!
Oh and I can’t forget!!! Yours truly! Hahaha yep! I’m a guest at SMF this year, which is pretty cool!
(For me at least!!!)

So if you live in the area you should come and take a look!
I don’t think you will regret it!!!! 😊

You may even get a chance to see my new costume!!! 😉



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