How about being a Disney Princess?!?

Dressing up as a Disney Princess has been different than anything I have dressed up in “all” my 4 years of cosplaying.

I have met some new people because of that with amazing Disney costumes like Will and Grace. (Ha! Seriously!!! These are their names!!!)
But also on the con floor the costume attracts different kind of people than super heroes or Star Wars do!
It’s fun and their reaction!!!!!
OMG their reactions are the best!!!

At RICC I walked around with my friend Gary who was dressed up as Prince Naveen!!! He looked awesome with his ukulele in hand!!!!
Everywhere we went people’s reaction was “omg you guys are so cute”
And the children????
Most of them were completely starstruck and thought we were the real deal!

This is all very new to me, and I swear I have to take deep breathes to avoid the tears from coming down. It’s just the sweetest thing ever!!!!

I can’t fake Tiana’s accent yet!!! But the kids really think I’m her! And I think that means “mission accomplished”!!!

And the conversations!!!! Sooo adorable! For example!
2 sisters walked up to us and the older one said: “you have a cat!”
(Well see the importance here of knowing the character you are portraying?)
So I explained to her that actually my friend Charlotte had a cat! And a dog!
I could see in their little faces that they remembered that the cat was actually not “mine”.
So I said I had a froggie!
The little one said: “my mom is afraid of frogs”
And I told them frogs were funny looking but after I kissed mine “look what happened! He turned into a handsome prince!” They hadn’t seen Gary just yet because I crouched to be at their level! When I pointed to Gary the older one was like: “WHOOOOOA”
I swear they didn’t blink anymore! Lol
It was a priceless moment!

I had some of those moments in my Wonder Woman throughout the years! But just a few!!! With Tiana it happens ALL the time!

I love the idea that I may be the only chance the child has of meeting a Disney Princess. Cause let’s face it! Not everyone can go to Disney!!!
Or even meeting Tiana again! For those lucky enough to have seen her in person before!!!

This is so far my favorite costume ever!!!! It’s a pain to get on it and I haven’t been able to do it without help just yet!
I still have glue on my hair because I haven’t figured out how to clean it up properly.
And the dress itself is sooo heavy I get tired pretty quickly! (And also sort of a hassle to transport it on my own)
It’s also very hard to walk around on a crowded con floor (maybe dressing as Tiana on Sunday was the best idea!)
But even with all that… Tiana has been the best and most rewarding costume I have ever made and worn!!!

And I want to thank everybody out there that saw me at RICC, for your nice words and compliments!
This has been a labor of love!!!! Loooooooong labor that is, and pretty expensive as well! So much that Tiana so far was my only costume for 2013!!!!!

And now… I want to convince Gary’s girlfriend to be Charlotte and my friend Greg to be the shadow man!!!
How cool would that be?????





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