Rhode Island Comic Con

Conventions are fun! They are A LOT of fun!!!!
During these 4 years I’ve been attending comic book conventions I have met some of my favorite people!
But a lot of the fun is also being able to do different things besides just walking around in costume!
Of course that’s still my favorite thing to do!!!

But at Rhode Island Comic Con this past weekend, I volunteered to help out at the KidsCon!
RICC had a whole area designated for the kiddos with a bunch of activities and things to see!
It was something right up my alley but completely different than anything I have done at conventions!





And it was awesome!!!! And apparently the kids that came to see us had a blast!!!
And I got to meet some amazing people as well, whom I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t doing this!!!

I also got to dress up for the kids!!! Which still is THE BEST part of it all!
Saturday I was Wonder Woman!
I love dressing up as her! Besides being a super comfy costume it is soooo much fun! I try to look as bad ass as I can but usually doesn’t work!







And when Wonder Woman got cold on the con floor, Indiana Jones was kind enough to let me borrow his jacket! 😀

One of the coolest things of that day was getting my pictures taken by Phil Damiano. He is super awesome! I am new at this picture taking thingie and usually freak out cause I have no idea what to do and how to pose! But he was super cool and made me feel super comfortable!
And I love the pics!!!





Sunday I dressed up as Tiana! My favorite costume EVER! But that will need a new entry on this blog!!!


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