“My work”

I went to Rock and Shock this weekend! It’s a horror convention and my very first time attending.
I am a cosplayer guest at Super Megafest and they actually took me to Rock and Shock to promote their con!
It was different, and fun, and I got to mingle, meet people and talk a lot!!! (Oh if you know me, you know I love to talk!!!)
It was a fun different experience without being in costume.
Not counting the fun times with my girls!!!
But… I was chatting with a friend and someone came and said hi to me. I said hi back and he went on to tell me he is a fan of my work!
It was touching.
And I realized I like that much better than some other compliments.
It’s nice when people tell me I look good. When when they tell me they find me talented. Yes! That’s nice too.
But I don’t see this hobby as something about ME. And these compliments although incredibly nice, are about me.

The guy likes my work.
The work I spend hours on, shed tears for quite a few times and even blood. The work I am passionate about, and have the most fun doing it! Not counting the fun times.

Sooo thank you thank you thank you for enjoying my work. I truly really appreciate it. 🙂


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