So cool!!!!

I have been asked again to be cosplayer guest at a Con!!!!
This time my favorite con EVER!!! Which was also my first in 2009 (yeah yeah yeah, I don’t count Connecticon! And don’t even feel guilty about it!)

Super Megafest is one of the most fun cons I have ever been!
And look, look!!! I’m on their website!!! 😉

This year SMF, how we call it, will be on November 23 and 24 in Framingham, MA.
If you are planning on going, come Friday night because that’s when the FUN starts!!!!

Among many of their super cool guests is Tom Felton (yes! DRACO MALFOY!!!), Barbara Eden from Jeanne! The amazing (and super hot 😉 ) Ray Park, Jeremy Bulloch (how do you call him? The original Boba Fett?!? Adult Boba?!? Oh well! I’ll call him AMAZING!) the Ashemore twins!!! Seriously! I did not know they were 2!!! (One is from Warehouse 13, and the other… I don’t remember!)

Anyways! You just can’t miss it!
It’s gonna be awesome!!!!

More info at
(Just in case the link on the pic is not working!!!)


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